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Drew Bryce, Chris Collinsworth shared positive words on Mc Jones. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Drew Bryce, Chris Collinsworth shared positive words on Mc Jones.

Despite Week 3, the Patriots' Mc Jones will be 'OK'.


Bryce was particularly impressed by Jones’ game against the pressure of the saints.

Mc Jones Patriots.

According to Drew Breeze, McGones’ ability to cope with stress is a positive one. Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff.

Tom Brady is not the only quarterback to play this Sunday.

Patriot rookie Mac Jones started his first month as a quarterback in the NFL. On paper, the results don’t look very good. He has thrown 737 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions while going 1-2 on his first three starts.

But former NFL quarterback Drew Bryce liked what he has seen so far. From the quarterback, NBC analysts took a closer look at last week’s game, in which Jones threw three blocks in the 28-13 loss to former Bryce team New Orleans Saints.

What stood out to Bryce in this game was how Jones resisted the pressure of the Saints during the game.

“I’m very impressed,” Bryce said in a conference call this week. Via “I will take this last game in particular because I had the opportunity to watch it up close. I felt that the defense of the Saints, especially the defensive line, took place in front of New England. And with their pressure packages. But I felt like Mc Jones showed a level of fitness and maturity that is beyond his years. Dude, he was standing there. He took a big hit. Stood there with confidence

Bryce expressed some frustration with the Patriots’ recipients: “It was unfortunate, because I didn’t think a lot of people were parting ways with it.” Of course, a notable mistake by the Patriots receiver against the Saints came when Juno Smith dropped a pass from Jones in which the ball fell into the hands of the Saints’ defensive back Malcolm Jenkins, who returned it for a touchdown. ۔

Bryce continued to cry about Jones’ ability to play against pressure. Against the Saints, Jones was fired twice and killed 11 times. After scoring just three points in the first half, Jones gave the Patriots a slight bounce in three of his last four drives to help move the ball into the Saints’ area, Bryce said Jones had “this offense.” Is a very good command. “

“He doesn’t look like he’s ever been upset,” Breeze said of Jones. “He looks like he’s in a position where he’s playing with confidence. I think he’s just going to get better as the season goes on and he’s going to keep in touch with players in skilled positions. And of course they come together as a team, and I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

One of the common criticisms that Jones faced in his young career was that he did not throw the ball down the field. “Sunday Night Football” commentator Chris Collinsworth likes Jones’ fit in the Patriots offense.

“I think for all of us who have seen Brady play New England and Josh McDaniels have been offended for all these years, it’s amazing how much – and I compare it to Tom Brady. I’m not doing that, so don’t bother me. With something I can only say – but it seems like it’s their fault again, “said Collins Worth.

“Well, they did a special job with Cam and they did different things, but now you think the crime is coming back. I think it would be really interesting to see, not just how it grows. But how does this crime grow with all these new parts now with all the free agents and all the different guys and how long does it really take to feel like this again or if it ever does. We’ll find out. Would be a good place to be. “