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Donald Trump's latest 2024 poll ends Ron de Santis prospect as former president. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Donald Trump’s latest 2024 poll ends Ron de Santis prospect as former president.

donald trump at georgia rally

Former President Donald Trump He has described himself as a GOP front-runner on whether he should run in 2024 – which he has refused to confirm or write – and about polling around such a bid. Spoke with confidence

Governor of Florida Ron de Santes. Mention has been made in speculations about 2024 candidates, but in an interview with Yahoo! Treasurer Trump said he is not worried about the possibility of a challenge from Descent or anyone else.

“I don’t think I’ll face it. Because I don’t see it. If I did, I think most people would leave. I think he would get out. And if I did, I would.” I will defeat him. As I will defeat everyone, obviously, ” Trump said..

He again refused to say that he would run again, but said: “No, I did not say that. I said that if I run I think I will do very well and not only that. Looking at the election, I see the enthusiasm that we did a great job. “

De Santas has refrained from discussing running in 2024, instead insisting that he is focused on his role as governor of Florida and details his plan. Run for this position again in 2022..

A spokesman for D-Saints said. Newsweek That he is “focused on Florida and doing his job as governor of our state.”

He shared his comments on September 7, in which he said: “All speculations about me are purely manufactured.”

Donald Trump at the Georgia Rally
Former United States President Donald Trump addresses a rally in Perry, Georgia on September 25, 2021. He has declared himself the GOP front runner for 2024, if he wants to run again.
Sean Ray Ford / Getty Images

In a survey by Carter Warren. John Bolton Super PAC Released last week., Trump’s support for him was seen to be declining. Chris Christie And Ted Cruz.

Trump is still at the top, with 26.2% voting for him. But decent was close with 25.2%. Each was well ahead of the others listed, with Christie in third place with 7.2%.

The margin of error in the results is 3.1%. Polling was held between September 16 and September 18 between 1,000 potential voters.

However, while such results may weaken Trump’s position, for the most part, the polls give him a vote of confidence.

Ron Desantes at a ceremony at the Grand Beach Hotel.
Florida Governor Ron de Santis speaks at a ceremony to give bonuses to first responders on August 10, 2021, at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside in Surfside, Florida. He is being touted as a possible 2024 presidential candidate, although he insists on his current role in Florida.
Joe Riddle / Getty Images

A Harvard CAPS-Harris poll was released. Mountain Shown September 20. Trump as a strong favorite. To win the GOP 2024 presidential nomination.

A 58% majority of Republican voters chose Trump as the party’s 2024 choice. This is far more than the other potential candidates listed with the former VP. Mike Pence Second with 13% and third with 9% if Trump joins the field.

Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll Held September 15-16, 490 out of 578 Registered Voters Republican. For the Republican sample, the margin of error on the results was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

In the Achilles Insight poll, those who identified themselves as Republicans or voted for Republicans. Democrat. He was asked: “If the 2024 Republican presidential primary were held today and you had to make a choice, who would you vote for?”

Forty percent said they would definitely vote for Trump, and 19 percent said they probably would. Polling took place from 1700 to 23 September in 1,005 national registered voters. All respondents were asked about the possibility of Trump running against President Biden again in 2024, with 38% saying they would definitely vote for Biden and maybe 12%, and 27% saying they would. Trump and 12% will vote.

The CNN / SSRS poll of 3,119 respondents on August 3-7 showed that 63% of Republican and Republican-leaning independent candidates asked Trump to be the GOP leader.

A slim majority also said they felt that putting Trump on the ticket in 2024 provided a better chance for the Republican Party to reclaim the White House. However, it was a tough division – 51% thought it would give the party a better shot and 49% said it could be better with another nominee.

A straw pool at the Mechanic Republican Leadership Conference in September Detroit News, He showed that Trump has more support among those asked than his rivals. He pointed to their influence on the fall of the Republicans..

A survey by Emerson College, released in September, also suggested that Trump may be more popular than other potential candidates in 2024. It hints at defeating President Biden. If 2020 were to resume, the second poll would be the opposite.

Newsweek The former president’s office has been contacted for comment on the polls and the possibility of a 2024 run.