Dog owner seriously injured after further puppy attacks just hours after bringing him home

Breeders at Fawnest Kennels have come under fire after they previously sold the puppy’s brother to another family, who also attacked their owners.

The puppy, Thor only left his new one with horrific bites and puncture marks
The puppy, Thor only left his new one with horrific bites and puncture marks

A woman was seriously injured after her new puppy attacked her just hours after bringing him home.

The owner’s leg was left covered in huge bruises and bite marks shortly after he picked up Malinois German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd puppy, Thor, last month.

Shocking footage shared by Julie Nevett, a canine rescuer, shows horrific purple and black bruises all along the unidentified owner’s leg as well as two puncture wounds on his left leg.

On her right leg, she ended up with more horrific bruises and puncture marks.

Julie blasted dog breeders, Fawnest Kennels, who allegedly gave Thor to his owner in a Facebook Publish.

Thor was transferred to a canine rescuer, Julie after the attack


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She had received the dog after relocating Thor’s brother after he also attacked his owner.

On her post, she said: “I have never publicly named the breeder of a dog that entered our rescue. Today I am going to break this rule.

“This owner, like the owner of Thor 1, who is here with me, was thinking of buying a quality puppy from a reputable breeder.

“Thor 1 is with us because he caused injuries requiring medical attention to a young child in the family.

The owner said she had “tried very hard”


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“These are the photos of injuries to the owner of Thor 2 with the message ‘I’ve tried so much, I love it’.

“I feel appalling for both owners, not only have they lost a significant amount of money and their puppy, but they have quite serious injuries.

“Don’t buy a Malinois X German Shepherd ‘pet’ from Fawnest Kennels.

“I really hope the breeders are ashamed of themselves.”

The post received a lot of attention, but users were divided over who was responsible for the dog’s behavior.

Some blamed the breeder, while others said the owners were not experienced in handling such a dog.

Lynne Dickson said: “This ‘breeder’ sold a German Shepherd puppy to friends.

“He is now five months old and he will be lucky to see a year old. His spine and hips are riddled with problems, the pup has bitten them a few times as well.”

Thor was sold to the family by breeders


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Wayne Earl wrote: “Why the hell would they think these types of dogs are pets, that’s beyond me.

“It serves them to be so stupid, it’s not up to the breeder, it’s up to the owners to choose the right dog and what they can handle.

Stickle Brix commented, “Only the breeder has the experience to decide who should own a puppy.

“Anyone who says new owners should have researched should understand that the most diligent research still won’t prepare you for reality.

“The breeder has to pay more attention to where the puppies go, it is 100% their responsibility.

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are generally trained for the police and the military, although it is not uncommon for them to belong to families.

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