There were dramatic stories before kickoff that night as Tua Tagovailoa returned from suspension with Pittsburgh along with former Dolphins coach Brian Flores and Dolphins owner Steve Ross.

After the kickoff, the defense took over the night as the Dolphins (4-3) held on for a 16-10 win over Pittsburgh.

Here are 10 thoughts on winning:

1. Play the game I: With Pittsburgh driving for the winning points, Noah Agbenoghen, who was picked off repeatedly on Sunday, picked off quarterback Kenny Pickett in the end zone. 18 seconds left. It was the biggest play by far in his three Dolphins seasons. It was the first interception in Igbinoghenes’ first career start as the Dolphins had just three cornerbacks due to injuries. It was fitting that a Dolphins defender made the play of the game because the defenders were making all the plays on both teams that night.

2. Play of Game II: With three minutes left at the Dolphins 30 and Pittsburgh threatening, Jeon Holland stepped in front of a Pickett pass and returned it 33 yards to the Pittsburgh 49. The thought about this night was that the Dolphins had three takeaways after not having the previous three games.

3. It was a mixed bag from Tagovailoa. Back in his first game after missing a few games in concussion protocol. He came out in a whirlwind of fire. Coach Mike McDaniel’s scheme offered him quick reads and open receivers, and Towa went to the right man on the opening drive to complete 6-of-7 passes for 68 yards, including an 8-yarder to Raheem Mostert. Includes a touchdown. A second, 59-yard drive was also productive, though it ended in a field goal. Up 10-0, Tagovaila had completed 7 of 9 passes for 93 yards and a touchdown. The other three quarters? He completed 14 of 26 passes for 168 yards as the Dolphins kicked two field goals. Pittsburgh’s defense is good, Mike Tomlin (and Flores) made some adjustments and shut down Towa and the Dolphins offense. After 10 first downs in the first quarter (tied for second most in a quarter since 2000), the Dolphins had seven first downs the rest of the way. Pittsburgh dropped two or three interceptions. A night that started very well with 16 points on the board.

4. State of Play: 13 second-half possessions led to 10 punts, two Pittsburgh interceptions and the Dolphins turning the ball over on downs. The story of the NFL this year has been stifling scoring and these two defenses played a major role in that. The Dolphins defense made all the plays they needed to win.

5. Second guess of the night: Facing fourth-and-3 at the Pittsburgh 14 and leading 16-10, McDaniel went for it. A field goal would have given them nine points. Sure, he was disappointed to have thrown three field goals against one touchdown to that point. But kicking a field goal seems like a better play to make it a two-score game. You can add another guess to the play — too many misdirections and then your low runner, Chase Edmonds, going to the line for no gain. Tua had the option of where to go with the ball. But there’s plenty of room for second-guessing between passing the field goal and running Edmunds down the line.

6. Credit the Dolphins’ offensive line. And the immediate pass reads as Toa as arranged by McDaniel to keep the fear of deep turmoil in the background. The only early problem was when Tua tried to run over Pittsburgh linebacker Devin Bush in the first quarter. Not a good idea, even if it results in a 6-yard gain. With Tarron Armstead returning from a toe injury at left tackle, the line contained a good Pittsburgh defensive line. The Steelers’ Larry Ogunjobi and Cameron Hayward dominated Tampa Bay last week. They didn’t do much work on Sunday. Toa wasn’t just kept safe, the running game came alive – especially on Armstead’s left side. His first three rushes went 24 yards.

7. There were throwback uniforms. On display as part of the ’72 Dolphins reunion. And, boy, do people love their throwback uniforms. The Dolphins hosted a great banquet for the perfect team Saturday night with NBC’s Mike Tarrico. One question that came up was the champagne toast Nick Buoniconti and Dick Anderson did after defeating the last undefeated team of the season. Some around the country denounced them as poor sports. Larry Seiple said he didn’t have a champagne toast — “I had a beer toast.” Larry Little said he didn’t even have champagne. “I toasted the gray goose.” Who cares if some people whine about the Dolphins enjoying being the only undefeated team in league history? Get your gray goose ready, Larry.

8. To travel a long way, But we’re getting to the point where it’s OK to peak in the playoff picture. Here are the AFC standings after Week 7:

1. Buffalo 5-1 (first in AFC East, has bye this week);

2. Tennessee 4-2 (first in AFC South, beat Indianapolis on Sunday);

3. Kansas City 5-2 (first in AFC West, beat San Francisco on Saturday);

4. Ravens 4-3 (first in AFC North, beat Cleveland on Sunday);

5. New York Jets 5-2 (beat Denver Sunday);

6. Los Angeles Chargers 4-3 (lost at Seattle Sunday);

7. Cincinnati 4-3 (beat Atlanta on Sunday).

dolphin, According to NFL.comCurrently on the bubble as the eighth team. Again, it’s early. There are many games left.

9. Quick Successes:

* Edmonds’ calling card was his receiving out of the backfield, but he dropped another early in the second quarter for a first down.

* Cedric Wilson returned punts Sunday night for the first time since the team used Holland, Tyreke Hill and Jalen Waddle this season.

*Tennessee’s Mike Werbel does more with less than any coach out there.

* The Jets lost Sunday’s win after Brycehall suffered a season-ending knee injury.

* Tom Brady is retired, isn’t he?

10. Next week: Dolphins in Detroit. From a reunion with former coach Flores to one with Dan Campbell. When Joe Philbin was sacked in early 2015, Campbell took over with his physical approach and was popular within the team before Adam Gase was hired ahead of the following season. Campbell took on a major rebuilding project in Detroit and was shrewd enough to get a six-year contract to oversee it. The Lions are 1-5 and things that losing teams do, like Sunday’s close to the Dallas end zone, have a chance to lead in the second half. They lost 24-6. A strange turn in their season: The Lions led the league in scoring earlier this year and scored 35, 36, 24, 45 points in the first four games. In the last two games they were shut out by New England and scored six points against Dallas.