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Darius Slaton, Sterling Shepherd vs. Saint. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Darius Slaton, Sterling Shepherd vs. Saint.

NEW ORLEANS – Through three games, giants aren’t completely anemic when it comes to making big plays on crime. They have a 41-yard hook-up from Daniel Jones to Darius Slaton, a 37-yard touchdown reception from Sterling Shepard and a 33-yard scoring pass from Slaton.

In the ground game, Jones has 46 yards and Secun Barclay has 41 yards.

Sadly, both Clayton and Shepard will take to the field on Sunday with a tense hamstring against the Saints. Giants, in three games, have only five touchdowns, and they can’t keep money from their offense. They need more explosive dramas wherever they can get them.

“Absolutely,” said offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. “If you look at the NFL stats – the relationship between scoring, scoring on the drive when you’ve done a big play and you haven’t done a big play – there’s a significant spread. “In the passing game, I think we had six or seven explosives the other day. We have to keep it going. That’s what gives you a chance to score points.”

The heat is on Garrett, who could lose his play-calling duties if the Giants continue to struggle to put points on the board.

For the giants, no Shepard or Slaton means more Cadarius Tony. Okay fine? Rocky has only four receptions for 14 yards in his first three NFL games in the first-round pick, but he’s getting more opportunities.

Dara Slaton
Dara Slaton
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“Really, it all depends on the coaches, really on the game plan,” Tony said. “We are willing to take what the Sunnah gives us, so it is more than just selfishness and wanting the ball in every game. I like to win and follow those who coach every day. They say

WR John Ross (hamstring) was activated from the injured reserve and will start his giants.

Ross, signed in mid-March, injured his hamstring during the summer and worked his way back. The former Bengal 2017 first round pick is a speedster. He fills the open space on the roster.

Saint CB Chief Justice Gardner Johnson has issued a warning to the giants: “I’m sorry for them, boys.”

For the first time since the end of the 2019 season, Gardner Johnson, a teammate of Giants Rocky Tony’s college team in Florida, was talking about the Saints playing in front of fans inside the Superdome.

“They came for a rude awakening on Sunday,” Gardner Johnson told reporters in New Orleans last week. “It’ll take twelve o’clock to get ready at 7, 7:30.”

The giants practiced with music all week and the noise of the speakers engulfed their practice fields as they prepared for the decibel level they would encounter inside the Super Dome. James Winston came in with 121 career touchdown passes and 88 interceptions this season, a ratio that shows he has a lot of grip on the ball. But for the Saints in three starts, Winston has seven touchdowns and two interceptions.

“I think he’s making better decisions for the last time,” said Patrick Graham, the Giants’ defense coordinator. “The thing is, when it’s hot, it’s hot. He can really make you a beacon. So, we have to keep that in mind.