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'Danger!' Champ Mate Amodio has a long way to go in the most consecutive wins against East Jennings. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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‘Danger!’ Champ Mate Amodio has a long way to go in the most consecutive wins against East Jennings.

Matt Amodio

On Friday’s episode, Matt Amodio emerged victorious once again. Danger! And made history in the process by completely occupying the second position in the list of consecutive victories.

It also brought me closer. Ken Jennings., Which sits at the top of the list. But Amodio has a long way to go before he can reach the top spot: Jennings’ streak continued for 74 games, while Amodio is currently on 33 wins.

“Ken has always been the face. Danger! For me, so when I think. Danger!“I think about it,” Amodio said in a press statement. [be] There is a real experience behind it. “

Matt Amodio.
‘in danger!’
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Amodio, Ph.D. Candidate Yale UniversityDespite this, they reached the milestone of another show, surpassing James Holzhauer in consecutive victories. Holmeshour had been sitting at No. 2 since 2019 before Amodio tied him up on Thursday night.

After setting Holzhauer’s record, Amodio answered some questions. Newsweek Via email.

“It feels incredible. Literally, incredible,” he said. “I watched James tear up every second of the match, and I knew he was better than me.”

Last week, Holzhauer toyed with Amodio. Twitter. On September 20, he grabbed two screens side by side with himself and Amodio at the show. Holzhauer, who was known for making large sums of money during his tenure on the show and made large sums of money, noted that there was a discrepancy between the two in earning 23 days: , 1 801 to 7 1,780,237.

“When you order online vs. when it arrives,” the caption of his tweet read.

“I don’t want anyone other than James James,” Amodio said. Newsweek About Holzhauer’s ribs: “I have older brothers, so I’m used to it. And my friends and I have always talked to Snark and Rebbing. James speaks a language I speak fluently. I am. “

Amodio has already made a significant share. Danger! Distinction with Jennings and Holzhauer: After winning last Friday’s game, he joined the other two as the only three to win more than $ 1 million in a non-tournament game.

Amodio’s race is on. Danger! It started during the summer when season 37 ended and continued after the show returned to season 38 last month. Fans will see on Monday if he can continue his winning streak.