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Dame Reps blew up Nancy Pelosi to break her commitment to the infrastructure vote. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Dame Reps blew up Nancy Pelosi to break her commitment to the infrastructure vote.

Nancy Pelosi Pictured with Joe Biden

Two Democratic members of Congress The Speaker of the House has been killed Nancy Pelosi. The party split after voting on a 1. 1.2 trillion bilateral infrastructure bill.

Pelosi postponed Thursday’s vote after progressivism. Democrat. Had suggested that they would not vote until it was linked to the 3.5 3.5 trillion infrastructure package. President Joe Biden He traveled to the capital on Friday to meet with Democrats about the bill, but no vote was taken.

Democrats hope to pass a larger bill using the budget reconciliation process, which will not require Republican support, but progressives have insisted that if both parties want to support the package, both bills must go ahead. Should increase

Rep. Josh Guttierez, who is serving in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, issued a statement Friday expressing regret over the failure to vote and criticizing the Congressional Progressive Cox (CPC). Done

It is deeply regrettable that Speaker Pelosi violated his firm, public commitment to get votes from members of Congress and the American people and to pass a one-time bilateral infrastructure bill on or before September 27th.

He was referring to a press release issued by Pelosi on August 24 where he said he was “committed to passing the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill by September 27.”

Gottimar said: “I have been with a group of members. Working round the clock to pass a two-way infrastructure bill.Legislation helped us craft with me in April. Senate companion

“But a small left-wing faction in the House of Representatives undermined the agreement and blocked a key vote on the president’s landmark two-way infrastructure bill.”

He accused the progressives of using the “Freedom Cox tactic”. New York Times Referring to the Republican right-wing Freedom Cox – and saying that he “Destroyed the President’s agenda And stop creating 2 million jobs a year. “

“It The left wing faction agrees. To jeopardize the president’s entire agenda, including this historic two-way infrastructure package, “Gothammer went on to say.

Gottimar is the co-chairman of the Cox, which deals with bilateral issues. Another member of the caucus, Stephanie Murphy of Florida’s Seventh District, also expressed frustration with the delayed vote.

Murphy tweeted on Friday, “Bilateral infrastructure bill, which will improve living standards and create jobs for the American people.”

In a statement, Murphy referred directly to Speaker Pelosi.

“Although I have a lot of respect for the speaker, I am convinced that his decision to delay the vote on the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill is wrong,” Murphy said. The speaker promised that the House would consider the bill on September 27 and gather votes to ensure that it was the best opportunity to pass.

“This promise was enshrined in a House resolution that every Democrat supported. This written commitment was the only reason the House had enough votes to start the reconciliation process – to begin the process of writing the Bloodback Better Act.”

The speaker delayed the vote because some of my Democratic colleagues have threatened to vote against a very good infrastructure bill in a misleading attempt to ‘take advantage’ of their fellow Democrats in negotiating a separate Bloodback Better Act. Said.

Murphy added, “I hope my colleagues will reconsider their position. Whether they do or not, all members of the House need to vote on the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill and accept the results of that vote.” Should be. “

Photo with Nancy Pelosi Joe Biden
President Joe Biden accompanies House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as he arrives in Washington, D.C., on October 1, 2021, to meet with House Democrats in the U.S. capital. Two Democrats have criticized Pelosi for not voting on a bilateral infrastructure bill.
Kevin Diets / Getty Images