Dallas Love Field Shooting: Video Shows Alleged Shooter Portia Odofova Pointing Gun At Airport Officer

Dallas, Texas — A woman accused of firing multiple shots inside a Dallas airport is facing a charge of aggravated assault on a public servant after she allegedly fired a round at a police officer, according to an arrest warrant.

The officer shot and wounded Portia Odofova, who was taken to the hospital Monday after a shooting at Love Field Airport in Dallas.

Original story: A woman who fired a handgun inside Dallas Love Field Airport was shot dead by police.

According to the arrest warrant, Odofova, who had no luggage, entered the ticketing area, then went to a restroom, and emerged with her hands in the pockets of a hooded sweatshirt. She then walked to a ticket counter and witnesses reported that before she yelled, “I’m going to blow that (expletive)!” and pulled out a handgun.

He fired two rounds into the ceiling and fired in the direction of a police officer when he was confronted, the arrest warrant said. The officer was not killed.

Police were scheduled to hold a news conference about the shooting Tuesday afternoon. Jail records do not list an attorney representing him on the charge.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia has said Odofova was shot in his “lower body”. He said no one else was injured.

Airport operations at Love Field, one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s two major airports, were suspended for hours and dozens of flights were canceled.

Authorities have not released a motive for the shooting, but Odofova has been arrested multiple times in recent years and has been found incompetent to stand trial more than once.

A judge found him incompetent to stand trial last year after he was charged with making a false report, court records show. The judge found he was not a danger to others and committed him to outpatient mental health services.

In that case, he was accused of setting off a fire alarm at a hotel after the clerk refused to extend his stay, The Dallas Morning News reported, citing police. Records show the charge was dismissed.

In 2019, she was found incompetent to stand trial after being charged with robbing a bank in the Dallas suburb of Wylie. He was treated, and the case was eventually dismissed, court records show.

That same year, he was arrested for arson after a police officer responding to a house fire in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite said he had started it and, according to a police report, was a “prophet of God.” was She also told police she was married to singer Chris Brown, the police report said. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office said the charge was dismissed due to a lack of scientific evidence to prove it.

At the airport on Monday, he was overheard making comments about Brown, according to an arrest warrant.

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