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Crisis on the border. Zbigniew Rau: Polish intelligence will cooperate with Turkey. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Crisis on the border. Zbigniew Rau: Polish intelligence will cooperate with Turkey.

Crisis on the border.  Zbigniew Rau: Polish intelligence will cooperate with Turkey.

After talking to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Foreign Minister stressed that economic relations with Turkey are very good, last year bilateral trade was 6 billion euros and expressed hope that it 8 billion euros will be possible soon

“Turkey is our most important economic partner in the Middle East,” Rao said.

In the areas of cooperation with Turkey, he mentioned security, counter-terrorism, trade, migration and tourism.

– I raised the issue of illegal, uncontrolled migration from Belarus to our countries, I also asked my Turkish colleague to pay more attention to this exercise which has been going on for many months, which is related to the efforts of refugees. ۔ The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry said that those who use transfers to Istanbul often use Minsk to cross our eastern border by various routes.

Referring to the modes of travel that affected Belarusian delegates and citizens of various Arab countries from Istanbul to Minsk, the Minister offered comprehensive assistance, ranging from our short-term interviews, information sharing, to common identity cooperation. Will be limited. Danger areas and relocation channels included Rao.

In a joint press conference with Zbigniew Rao, Melut Kausoglu stressed the importance of 600 years of Turkish-Polish relations and thanked Polish firefighters for their support during the fires in the country. Declared a strategic partner.

Kausoglu drew attention to the growing trade between the two countries, and named the trade volume as a target of 10 10 billion. For the purposes of his visit, he also mentioned the talks between a delegation of Polish and Turkish businessmen.
Referring to the issue of illegal migration of Arab citizens from Belarus to Poland, he announced Turkey’s support in this regard. He informed that the head of the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration will be invited to visit Turkey to discuss further steps.

– We are ready to work together on this issue, and I share my experiences – with both Poland and Lithuania – added the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Kausoglu noted that the fight against trafficking networks is also important in this context. He said that for nine months, Turkish Airlines had flown 600 Iraqi citizens mainly to Minsk, half of whom had returned to Turkey.