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"Cove Horror" at the clinic. Crowds of patients in waiting rooms. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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“Cove Horror” at the clinic. Crowds of patients in waiting rooms.

Amendments to the Healthcare Services Act.  No more and no faster.  Senate rejects amendments

The number of infection patients is increasing.

Joanna Zabelska-Sesic, a family doctor from Bystock who specializes in Zelonograski exhibitions, acknowledges that more and more such patients come to the facility instead of using teleportation. – It can be a common infection, but it can also be a corona virus. And people seem to have forgotten that there are teleports – the doctor complains.

In addition, many patients do not make appointments. Because of this they pile up in waiting areas.

Clinics, hospitals are no longer safe places. Here the sick come with various infections. It’s not always a runny nose and autumn cold. Therefore, trips should be carefully planned, and the time spent in the waiting room at the clinic was limited to a minimum, says Agatha Savin, an expert on the Zelona blonde contract, vice president of the Lower Slash Association of Family Doctors-Employers. , Cited in the announcement of the Zelona Blonde Agreement.

Joanna Zabielska-Cieciuch adds that there are strange circumstances. A family member visits and comes with two children and a wife. And again, these would mean that they have to spend for these processes.

– Lately, I hear from the office all the time that someone is coughing in the hallway. I leave immediately and ask them to be separated and transferred to the treatment room. It serves us as isolation.

The clinic’s air purifiers are located in the waiting room. Every other chair has been removed from this space. Rooms are broadcast and disinfected after patients. But that may not be enough.

– People argue it’s cold and queuing. This is a vicious circle. However, they can use teleportation or meet for a specific time – the first option means they do not endanger others, and the second means they endanger others the least. Don’t put, because there is no contact with them. Lack of queue explains another patient – our interlocutor.

If the patient has specific symptoms, the primary health care provider may refer him or her for a corona virus test. More and more family doctors, out of concern for their patients, provide antigen tests to their clinics.

As Joanna Zabielska-Cieciuch explains, this is not about clinics that deal with such tests, but about a quick check to see if an emergency patient has the corona virus. It is enough to wait 10 minutes for the result of such a test.

– I tested the antigen of five patients one day. Two came positive. These were people who had no meeting, they came and sat in the waiting room with other patients for at least half an hour. They created a threat.

And he acknowledges that more and more affected people come to the clinic. “I have information from various clinics that half of the tests we did this week came back positive,” he says.

Doctors have recently indicated that patients ignore their symptoms and do not want to be tested.

Our interlocutor assures us that there is a way. – We have an epidemic and a law on infectious diseases. Sameer requires patient consent. If he does not agree, or even refuses to do the antigen test, I can order a PCR test. The patient is then quarantined for ten days or until the result is received. Here’s the patient’s decision – whether to go for a test or stay in quarantine for 10 days. It is his will, but if he is possibly affected, at least he will not be affected

what’s next? – It’s hard for me to believe that all the patients will suddenly start making appointments, and some of them will remember about teleportation. We are calling for it, it is very important. Otherwise, an even bigger cowardly horror awaits us in the days to come – Joanna Zabelska-Sisich summary.