Couple create luxury hotel in countryside to house 100 cats at a time

Welcome to Pets Country Manor (Photo: PA Real Life)

When you go on vacation, leaving your pet in a lousy cattery can make you feel guilty.

Why should you enjoy buffet dinners and luxury lounging when locked in a cage?

Liverpool’s Pets Country Manor, created by Victoria Corcoran, 38, and her fiancé, Craig Hailes, 41, fulfills this need for more refined accommodation for our feline friends.

It’s not that of your average catsitter. The mansion can accommodate 100 cats at a time, each in rooms with plush four-poster beds and plenty of toys.

We all know food is the most important part of any party, so it’s well covered here. Cats are served with a welcome drink of chicken-flavored water, followed by treats such as ‘catachinos’ and ‘cat tapas’.

All of this service comes at a cost, but far less than your usual five-star residence, with rooms ranging from £ 15.50 to £ 32 per day.

Victoria Corcoran, 38, and her fiance, Craig Hailes, 41, have built their own cat hotel from scratch, costing £ 650,000 (Photo: PA Real Life)
The cattery can accommodate over 100 feline guests at a time (Photo: PA Real Life)

Cat lover Victoria said: “Cats have a reputation for being sassy and independent.

“They know what they want and know very well what they don’t want.

“As a cat owner myself, I wanted to create a cattery that is not just a place where pets can stay while their owners are away, but a place where they can also really hang out. “

Cats can enjoy a catachino and iPad moment for interactive entertainment (Photo: PA Real Life)
The cats each have their own bedroom with furniture and stuffed toys (Photo: PA Real Life)

The couple began to consider opening some sort of pet hotel in 2007 when they couldn’t find a place to house their own pets.

They started by opening a pet hotel for the little creatures in their back garden, then in 2009 they took the plunge and built their own dedicated cattery, inspired by their five cats: Nevada, Havana, Francisco, Coco and Cayo. .

“I am a complete animal lover and knew that if I was to start allowing cats in the hotel, you had to be up to the task for them,” said Victoria.

“I didn’t want to run a standard bog cattery, I wanted the moggies to receive five star treatment.

Rooms start from £ 15.50 per day (Photo: PA Real Life)

“There was an old abandoned pub with 1.6 acres of land for sale just 10 minutes down the road.

“We moved into our new home in 2012 and got down to work on building the cattery, which cost £ 650,000.”

Now the cattery is full and can house over 100 cats per day, with most rooms offering 40 square feet of space while the larger suites have a built-in five-level climbing wall.

And the mansion has been extremely popular with people who want to pamper their pets.

The cat-loving duo have had great feedback so far (Photo: PA Real Life)
And the cats seem to love their getaways (Photo: PA Real Life)

Victoria said: “We have afternoon tea, which is served daily to the cats on an elevated bamboo dining table. We offer catachinos and meows and puddings such as cat custard.

“We also offer water fountains and orthopedic four-poster beds. People can also add daily time on iPad which is interactive entertainment for their cat.

“We are getting so much positive feedback online from happy customers which is fantastic.

“At the end of the day, we go above and beyond to make sure our cats are happy and healthy during their stay.

“The fancy treats are here to make them purr – and cats love them.”

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