Could Victor Oladipo emerge as the Heat’s prime offseason upgrade? – OlxPraca

Q: It’s great to see Victor Oladipo make Miami his home. He is in Arena, Inter Miami and Rolling Loud. This will be his season. – Weiss.

A: First, South Florida has been a home for Victor Oladipo before he arrived to the Heat at the 2021 NBA trading deadline. Dating back to his time with the Pacers, he ran a gym in Miami, where he handled much of his knee rehabilitation. It’s one of the reasons he tried to move to the heat for years. And I agree that Vick, alone, could make this season particularly interesting. For all the trouble of losing PJ Tucker and not adding a free agent, if Vic gets close to where he was before, it could be a fairly net gain. When comparing resumes, put it this way: Donovan Mitchell is a three-time All-Star, but never All-NBA and has never won an individual NBA award. Victor Oladipo is a two-time All-Star, has made the All-NBA and All-Defensive teams, and was MVP in 2018. Yes, Mitchell is young and not coming back from knee problems like Vick. But there’s something there with Oladipo that could potentially still move the needle.

Question: Myles Turner would be my pick, because he’s a much better rim protector and protector than John Collins, who helps Bam Adebayo when he’s covering the wings or the top of the key. Also, I believe he’s a better player who hasn’t reached his potential and he can do that with the Heat. – Peter.

A: Reasonable points. And it certainly looks like Indiana plans to blow him up, with Myles Turner seemingly on the trade block for years. Now, I’m not sure Duncan Robinson, a first-round pick and small pieces will be enough. But it would certainly be an interesting prospect if possible.

Q: Bam Adebayo doesn’t care about your trade questions. – Eliot.

A: Which is fine, but he’s also professional enough to address the subject and then move on. The reality is that players have little influence or input on trade negotiations, except for those with no-trade clauses or restrictions. But it’s worthwhile to inquire about how rotation is affecting a player. So Bam Adebayo said he is going about his life and leaving the problems to others. A good attitude, reasonable approach and fair answer.