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Corona virus in Poland September 18 report of the Ministry of Health. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Corona virus in Poland September 18 report of the Ministry of Health.

Corona virus in Poland September 18 report of the Ministry of Health.

New cases of coronavirus infection are related to the following wavedisheps: Mazavaki (135), Labelsky (122), Zachodnipomorsky (61), Maupolsky (57), Aidsky (55), Alaski (53), Podkirpiki (52), Dolnovsky (43). Velkopolsky (43%), Podlasi (41), Pomeranian (37), Warmen-Missourian (28), Koyawi-Pomeranian (20), Opole (17), ęwiętokrzyskie (15), Lubsky (7).

11 infection data are undisclosed, which will be completed through sanitary inspection – Ministry of Health report.

The ministry also announced the deaths of 14 more people. One person died of COVID-19, and 13 died of COVID-19 coexistence with other diseases.

Since the onset of the epidemic, 2,897,395 SARS-CoV-2 infections and 75,487 deaths have been recorded in our country.

In the last one day, 40,376 vaccinations were given in Poland. The total number of vaccinations in the country is 36,922,081.

21 219 358 are fully vaccinated.

To date, 391,290 doses of the vaccine have been lost. In 15,278 cases, adverse reactions to the vaccine were reported.

According to the Ministry of Health, 42,954 tests for the presence of corona virus have been performed in the last 24 hours.

Corona virus patients currently occupy 980 coveted beds in hospitals. There are 110 patients and 19 patients on ventilator. Exactly one month ago, on August 18, there were 344 patients in hospitals.

The ministry also said that a total of 6,140 beds are available for COVID-19 patients. The number of available breathers is 596.

The latest figures also show that 84,180 people are in quarantine. So far 2,659,020 people have recovered.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health reported that 911 people infected with the corona virus were in hospitals. The number of breathers caught was 101. On Friday, the ministry reported 652 new infections and eight cases.

There were 82,237 people in quarantine yesterday, and 2,658,812 recovered.