Cool and casual hats for sunny days

Long Bucket Hat 1 1
Bucket hats are an indispensable element of the summer wardrobe. Annie Sheehan for The Olx Praca

The bucket hat trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as the once decidedly uncool topper (long loved by fishermen, dads, and people who make nature their identity) has cemented its place in cool women’s fashions. Now that sunny days have finally arrived and summer is just around the corner, hats are needed more than ever. In fact, they can be the most essential accessory for any warm weather ensemble, thanks to their ability to protect your face from harmful UV rays, though don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day of the year as well.

While there are plenty of chic headwear out there, don’t write the bucket hat off until you’ve tried it. They are incredibly easy to wear and the brim is usually wide enough to block harsh rays without taking up too much space. Also, bucket hats are actually comfortable, which is not the case with stylish hats. They’re laid-back, laid-back and exude a laid-back, understated look, which makes them even more perfect for summer wear, especially when you’re heading to the beach and need to toss your hat into your bag. Their durability and flexibility also make a bucket hat the perfect choice when packing for a big trip, as they won’t go bad in your suitcase.

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However, bucket hats are no longer reserved for casual wear as they have been seen everywhere from glossy magazine editorials to the contemporary street style of every model and fashion week runway shows. Prada’s iconic nylon bucket hats may be the topper’s most famous design option, but there are plenty of other high-quality options as well, as well as cool and casual cottons and timeless raffia silhouettes. Below are the most stylish hats you can buy right now.

  • 22 H1 D6655 0003 Front 999

    Levi’s bucket hat with natural dye

    A casual cotton bucket hat in a fun shade like this shade of purple is a simple and casual summer option.

    $39.50, Buy Now

  • Maddie Bucket Hat 11074 Mojav 02

    Brixton Maddie Bucket Hat

    If you want a wide-brimmed bucket hat, try this colorblocked cotton silhouette for a more dramatic look.

    $59, Buy Now

  • Gigipip Decemberstudio 337
    Gigi Peep.

    Gigi Pip Sal ​​Knitted Hat in Black

    Crochet is such a cute fabric for summer, and the black hue adds sophistication.

    $56, Buy Now

  • 1418369 Pr

    Loewe + Paula’s Ibiza bucket hat with cotton and canvas leather trim

    This chic bucket hat is crafted from cotton canvas in Italy and finished with Loewe’s signature leather logo.

    $490, Buy Now

  • 2E22Hoch Pastel 1

    Ba&sh Hoche hat

    For another wider brim style, try this pastel floral version that you can tie around your neck.

    $125, Buy Now

  • Wavebuckettanveganleather2
    Lack of color.

    Lack of Color Wave bucket in brown vegan leather

    Made from structured vegan leather, this bucket hat will instantly elevate your warm-weather aesthetic, and its shade and fabric are so versatile it’s perfect for the transitional season.

    $99, Buy Now

  • Herschel Hendersoncap Blueseersucker 34.99

    Cap Herschel Henderson

    Available in a variety of whimsical colors and patterns, including this preppy periwinkle striped cap, this versatile cotton cap will keep you looking casual.

    $34.99, Buy Now

  • Darby Hat Black 32356A6F L
    The Vallard Hat Company.

    Wallaroo Hat Company Darby

    So, this elegant hat looks more like a cloche, but it’s still technically panama! This is a packable silhouette that gives us a chic retro vibe.

    $51, Buy Now

  • Hatattack Chiccrochetbucket 60 138 1
    Hat attack.

    Hat Attack Chic Bucket Hat

    You can’t go wrong with this classic crochet look that combines the best of a trendy wide-brimmed topper with the lightness of a bucket hat.

    $138, Buy Now

  • 900453Wp00421000 C
    Stella McCartney.

    Stella McCartney Fantasia Mickey logo bucket hat

    Embrace your inner child in this whimsical Stella McCartney Mickey Mouse hat.

    $350, Buy Now

  • Large Prada Black Logo Embellished Shell Bucket Hat

    Panama bucket Prada with logo

    Let’s not forget the classic Prada nylon bucket hat.

    $550, Buy Now

  • Artesano.

    Hat Artesano Malibu

    This two-tone plaid knitted hat has a playful and unexpected pattern, and we love that it can also be packaged.

    $240, Buy Now

  • triangle

    Triangl Boey Bucket Hat in Raven Terry

    Liven up your beach wardrobe with this charming terry cloth bucket hat.

    $59, Buy Now

  • W500 305

    Jacquemus Le Bob Gadjo Panama bucket in cotton and canvas

    Hailey Bieber is a big fan of the cool Jacquemus panamas for girls, and this seafoam cotton canvas version looks dreamy.

    $125, Buy Now