Conflict of interest complaint filed against Toronto Mayor John Tory over ActiveTO vote – Toronto

Toronto Mayor John Tory faces the prospect of an Integrity Commissioner investigation ahead of the city’s upcoming municipal election.

A complaint filed by a community activist alleges Tory has a conflict of interest over his relationship with Rogers Communications and a council decision to block Active TO’s road closures on Lake Shore Boulevard West. to finish.

Torrey’s office told OlxPraca they had not received any communication from the city’s integrity commissioner and said there was no conflict between the mayors.

The story was first reported in Toronto Star on Tuesday.

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Toronto is eliminating regular ActiveTO waterfront road closures.

A complaint filed by activist Adam Shelf alleges Tory was in a conflict of interest over the closure of Lake Shore Boulevard West after the CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays publicly lobbied to end the practice.

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The Blue Jays are owned by Rogers Communications.

Torrey is a member of the Rogers Control Trust Advisory Committee, which “exercises control over RCI shares held by the Rogers family,” the complaint states.

Tori’s relationship with the late Ted Rogers is a long-standing relationship with her father. Mayer also previously ran the company’s cable division.

Torrey confirmed to reporters in October that he was receiving compensation for his role at the trust, but said he strictly followed the law every day.

“At all material times, Mayor Torrey had an indirect financial interest in the Toronto Blue Jays, due to his involvement with the Rogers Family Trust,” the complaint, seen by OlxPraca, said.

The closure of Lake Shore Boulevard West for ActiveTO became a lightning rod for debate between cyclists and drivers in Canada’s most populous city.

They started in 2020 in response to the pandemic lockdown. The east side of the six-lane road was closed over the weekend to allow open access to the waterfront, a place where residents can simultaneously exercise and social distance.

These outages continued throughout 2021, albeit less frequently, and occurred twice in 2022: on May 23 and May 29.

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Rogers CEO outlines new protocol, steps to avoid future network outages

In his letter to Toronto councillors, urging them to end Active TO’s closures on Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto Blue Jays CEO Mark Shapiro said the closures are a nightmare for fans. .

“Since Active TO has been implemented on the lakeshore, our local fans have experienced significant transit delays as traffic has come to a standstill on all routes across the city,” his letter said.

In a report to the council, the city said when the road was closed for ActiveTO on May 23, travel times along the Gardner Expressway between Highway 427 and York Street increased from 14.5 minutes to 33.6 minutes. was done.

The complaint points out that Torrey has, in the past, declared a conflict of interest over Rogers’ affairs and decisions. The complaint estimates this has happened to “at least 30 items since March 1, 2019.”

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Toronto City Council debates ActiveTO’s future.

Toronto City Council debates future of ActiveTO – June 15, 2022

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, which governs council members, specifies that elected officials must declare any financial interest in an item under consideration by the council and participate in a discussion or vote on the matter. Do not take.

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“This vote was about the Vote City program that the mayor introduced and fought throughout the pandemic and was a very broad public issue involving all road users in the city,” Tory’s office said.

The complaint asks Toronto’s integrity commissioner to expeditiously review the complaint for a ruling before the Oct. 24 municipal election.

It also says that if the integrity commissioner concludes that Tory has violated provincial legislation, the commissioner must refer the case to an Ontario judge.

OlxPraca contacted the city’s integrity commissioner to ask if a complaint had been received and whether an investigation would be launched. No response received at the time of publication.

Tory has announced that he will run for a third term as mayor of Toronto. Rival candidates include Gil Penalosa and Sarah Climenhaga.

OlxPraca also reached out to Rogers Communications, the Toronto Blue Jays and the City of Toronto for comment.

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