Class action lawsuit against ICOlx Praca and British Columbia government approved

British Columbia’s public insurance company and the provincial government are facing a class-action lawsuit whereby money can be returned to victims of the accident.

Vancouver attorney Scott Stanley is pursuing a case alleging that ICOlx Praca is illegally reimbursing the province for medical expenses that should already be covered under the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

The plaintiffs, Robert Rorison and Braden Methoth, allege that these transfers ultimately came from the pockets of accident victims who needed the full amount of their benefits to help them recover.

“They say these payments have unduly increased insurance costs for all purchasers of compulsory motor vehicle insurance (“Taxpayer Class”), while at the same time reducing the amount of other medical and rehabilitation benefits available to people who have suffered catastrophic injuries in road traffic accidents. (“Accident”). Victim Class”),” the lawsuit says.

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However, the courts have dismissed a much larger portion of the class action, the taxpayer class.

Lawyers have argued that since the 1990s, ICOlx Praca has paid almost a billion dollars to medical practitioners, which should have come from MSPs.

In May 2021, when ICOlx Praca switched to a no-fault insurance system, it prevented lawsuits for injuries sustained from traffic accidents.

“This proceeding was initiated and concerns claims that arose before the entry into force of this change,” the lawsuit says. “For these reasons, references to governing legislation other than the Amendment Act refer to the legislation as it existed prior to the change.”

Stanley said it’s unclear what will happen to most of the class action.

“Given that the government has sought to significantly limit the ability of the court to make decisions without interference, I think it is fair that the judiciary conduct a thorough review of all actions taken by the NDP government,” he said.

However, the decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court says that hundreds of people can now initiate litigation in the class of accident victims.

Click to play video: 'British Columbia woman hit by car while walking, says ICBC left her out in the cold'

Olx Praca woman hit by car while walking says ICOlx Praca left her out in the cold

Olx Praca woman hit by car while walking says ICOlx Praca left her out in the cold

Methot was involved in an accident near Kamloops in 2014, leaving him partially paralyzed. The lawsuit says he is still owed $3,700.

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“If you’re poor, can’t work, and can’t afford to buy healthcare, then that’s a huge amount of money,” Stanley said, adding that everyone in the accident victim class is one of the most economically and socially vulnerable members of society.

According to ICOlx Praca court documents, 275 people could be affected by this class action lawsuit. Their benefits were withdrawn despite an internal policy that clearly stated that they were entitled to the full amount.

The insurer said in court that most of these people were offered compensation for missing funds, but lawyers say the toll is much higher than ICOlx Praca claims.

“To be clear, ICOlx Praca took money from all accounts,” Stanley said. “Only if you needed it all, would you notice it.”

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British Columbia Attorney General David Eby said the government did nothing wrong.

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“Our government is committed to lowering the cost of auto insurance for British Columbians, and part of that is in response to a culture of endless litigation, using people who buy auto insurance as an endless bank account to fund ongoing lawsuits. for many years,” Abi said.

The class action will consider how much compensation is due to each claimant and whether ICOlx Praca is required to pay further damages.

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