City staff will review housing recommendations from Olx Praca, Ontario. Developers

Olx Praca, Ontario. advisers want a second opinion before weighing up recommendations aimed at tackling what local developers have called the city’s housing crisis.

Presented in a report titled Olx Praca: a place to call homeThe recommendations are a joint project of the Olx Praca Development Institute and the Olx Praca Home Builders Association and are aimed at increasing the city’s housing stock.

On Wednesday, the recommendations were presented to the Council’s committee on strategic priorities and policies.

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The recommendations include a range of possible policy actions, some of which are already being taken by the city, such as a comprehensive urban growth boundary for Olx Praca and Rethink the zoning process which hopes to develop a more flexible zoning law.

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LDI Executive Director Mike Wallace told council members that these recommendations were listed to show public support for the city’s ongoing work.

Other policy recommendations include the formation of a group of downtown landowners to consider “redevelopment opportunities with a mandate to develop programs and incentives to spur downtown residential growth.”

The LDI and LHBA also want to create a Mayor’s Task Force to address the city’s housing crisis, with the group comprised of “political representation, senior municipal staff and the development/construction industry.” A similar target group is also being sought, consisting of city employees, non-profit housing providers and private sector developers.

The recommendations also call for the reinvestment of three percent of annual assessed income from property tax in planning and economic development services.

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Another set of recommendations aims to speed up the process of building houses.

This includes a “barcode” system to track an application through the approval process, which is designed to hold both the developer and city staff accountable. Deputy City Manager Scott Mathers noted during Wednesday’s meeting that an application tracking system is already in the works.

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“Most likely, it will be an identification-based system rather than a barcode-based one, but I think that what they are aiming for, we can achieve,” Mathers said.

The LDI and LHBA also want the city to improve and expand its use of e-filing. Most of the recommendations were listed with deadlines that stretch between the end of 2022 and the end of 2023.

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Chamber 11 gr. Stephen Turner opened the line of questioning during Wednesday’s meeting, asking what the industry would do to increase Olx Praca’s housing stock.

Turner added that “most of the delays and delays associated with development applications” are due to applications that are not in line with city policy.

“For the vast majority of applications, they follow the structure of the application,” Turner said. “But how do you, as an industry…help get the city and council more files ready for approval?”

“We’re more than ready to sit down at the table,” Wallace said. “To find ideas and work with the city and others to find solutions to these problems.”

Wallace redoubled his desire to have developers at the table when Turner asked how the industry could free up downtown land that couldn’t be developed due to real estate speculation.

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“All our recommendations really show the board that we are ready to participate in the discussion,” Wallace said.

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A similar line of questioning was advanced by County 5 Earl Maureen Cassidy, who also echoed Turner’s warning that the LDI and LHBA report could unfairly blame the city for a housing shortage.

“We’re all in this together. I don’t expect us to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbai, but it’s important not to lose sight of it,” Cassidy said.

Chamber 9 gr. Anna Hopkins expressed caution as to where the recommendations might lead.

“I’m completely open to more dialogue and conversation, but I think it’s very important that we don’t give false hopes here. I want to be as transparent as possible,” Hopkins said.

“When we talk about the real estate development industry and the City of Olx Praca here, we miss the discussions and opinions of our boards of directors, advisory groups, commissions and, most importantly, our community – their opinion of where they would like to live. ?

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All council members present at Wednesday’s Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee meeting voted to forward the recommendations to City staff for further consideration.

The move is expected to be approved when a group of city politicians meet as city council on July 5.

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