Citi Field unveils new menu items for second half run – OlxPraca

The rich crop at Citi Field has another option.

On Tuesday, the Mets introduced the new, renovated Coca-Cola Corner, which will feature several New York restaurants for the rest of the season. Each vendor visiting Coca-Cola Corner will do so in the form of a food truck. The Coca-Cola Corner has also added picnic tables and a few high tables that offer views of the field.

First up is Utopia Bagels in Whitestone, Queens. The local neighborhood bagel shop created three bagel sandwiches — The Cowboy, The City Fielder and the classic bacon, egg and cheese — that are now available above the right field seats in the Coca-Cola Corner.

Cowboys is the undisputed standout of the bunch. Served on a plain bagel, the sandwich consists of a chicken cutlet, American cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce. With the strongest flavor profile of the bunch, Cowboy is delicious and filling enough to be a solid option for both day and night games.

The Citi Fielder is a lighter option more reminiscent of the classic deli sandwich. With turkey, avocado, Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo, the City Fielder is a more traditional and less messy option than its bolder cowboy cousin. It lacked flavor, but could easily be made up for with hot sauce or concession stands from concession stands.

Finally, the bacon, egg and cheese is exactly what you’d expect. A staple of bodegas and bagel shops, BEC’s version of Utopia is nothing to write home about, but is certainly a comforting alternative to the standard ballpark fare of hot dogs, chicken fingers and hamburgers.

The Cowboy and Citi Fielder will run you $13, and will benefit from everything, sesame, or any kind of bagel that isn’t plain. Bacon, eggs and cheese cost $11. Matt’s hasn’t announced what the next food truck will be.