Chinese leader Xi Jinping won an unprecedented third term as general secretary of the Communist Party of China on Sunday. According to State-run Xinhua News Agency.

The appointment follows a week-long party congress during which the 69-year-old leader consolidated his grip on the country, making him possibly the most powerful figure in the world. Some Analysts and this pave the way for the country’s president to seek another five-year term in the annual legislative session in March and continue his confrontation with the West.

Beijing is growing increasingly aggressive on both the military and economic fronts while confronting a belligerent Russia.

At 69, Xi has passed the unofficial retirement age of 68 and could be in that position. Lifetime rule. In 2018, Xi finished The presidential two-term limit allows him to rule indefinitely.

In a dramatic scene on Saturday during a highly choreographed meeting, former Chinese President Hu Jintao was unexpectedly escorted out of the closing ceremony of the Communist Party Congress, in what some said was a sign of Hu’s failing health. Others saw it symbolically. A view of Xi Jinping’s strong powers.

Eleven too retained his title as the head of the army.

He was appointed to the Politburo of the party. Standing CommitteeChina’s highest governing body, officials who Analyst It is said that he has supporters and allies. Among them he cites, for example, Wang Huning, who has been described as the ideologue who shaped Xi’s nationalist views. Cai Qi, whose relationship with Xi goes back two decades. and Ding Xuexiang, a close aide to Xi who often travels with the president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory message to Xi Jinping on his third term as president. Kremlin said. Putin told the Chinese president he looked forward to further developing “comprehensive relations and strategic alliances between our two states.”

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz is planning a visit to China next month and will be the first Western leader to welcome Xi as the newly appointed leader. European Union leaders discussed the bloc’s line on China at a meeting on Friday.

While Schulz insisted that the EU should be a pillar of global trade, even with China, others such as outgoing Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said many leaders during the debate emphasized that “We must not repeat the fact that we have been indifferent, complacent. superficial in our relations with Russia,” he said.

And he also emphasized that “those that look like business relationships … are part of the overall direction of the Chinese system, so they should be treated as such,” Draghi added.

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