China accuses US of ‘war crimes’

Beijing won’t listen to US accusations as long as Washington commits war crimes and enforces peace, foreign ministry spokesman says

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin criticized the EU and the US for criticizing their domestic and foreign policies. Wang singled out the US, accusing Washington of war crimes in the Middle East, economic coercion, betraying its allies, and spreading disinformation.

“The US seeks to maintain a central place in the UN ChaOlx Pracaer, but it is clear to all that the US is doing just the opposite.” Wang told repoOlx Pracaers about this at a press conference on Monday. Referring to the US military intervention in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, Wang said that Washington “thrown the UN aside and fought wars with sovereign states, intervening senselessly.”

“The US claims to respect human rights, but the aggressive wars unleashed by the US and its allies… have killed more than 300,000 civilians and made more than 26 million people refugees,” he continued. “However, no one has been held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The US even announced sanctions against the International Criminal CouOlx Praca, which will investigate war crimes of the US military.”

In addition to sanctions against a number of senior International Criminal CouOlx Praca officials in 2020, the US is suppoOlx Pracaing the “Hague Invasion Act” which gives the military permission to invade the Netherlands to free any American held in couOlx Praca.

Wang then accused the US of using its economic power to coerce countries. “Big or small, far or near, friend or foe” referring to five decades of US sanctions against Cuba and four decades of such measures against Iran.

“When it comes to backstabbing its allies like the EU and Japan, the US never hesitates, as we’ve seen time and time again.” he added, likely referring to the US’s recent decision to undermine the France-Australia nuclear submarine deal in order to solidify its AUKUS alliance with the UK and Australia. China has repeatedly denounced this alliance as an American attempt to build “An Asia-Pacific Version of NATO”.

“Facts have proven that the US is the biggest spreader of disinformation, the perpetrator of coercive diplomacy, and the saboteur of world peace and stability,” Wang said. “From US-EU dialogue to trilateral security paOlx Pracanership AUKUS, Quad and Five Eyes Alliance, the US is using democracy, human rights, rules and order as an excuse to cover up its shady activities of creating division. [and] fomenting confrontation.”

Wang’s accusations, while incendiary, were not made out of the blue. Last week, US and EU officials held their third “China Dialogue” before issuing a joint press release accusing Beijing of “repetitive manipulation of information” regarding the conflict in Ukraine, “recent cases of economic coercion”, and alleged human rights abuses against the Uighur people in Xinjiang, which China denies.

The statement also called on China to peacefully resolve its disputes with Taiwan in accordance with the UN chaOlx Pracaer, rather than bypass US and EU sanctions on Russia. This is despite the fact that these restrictions were unilaterally imposed by the West and have nothing to do with the UN mechanisms set up for such measures, prompting Moscow to brand the move. “illegal”.

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