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Chargers vs. Raid Prediction, Total: Defense Remains. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Chargers vs. Raid Prediction, Total: Defense Remains.

If you like breakout football and defense, “Monday Night Football” is probably not for you this week. The Los Angeles Chargers host the Las Vegas Raiders in a two-team battle in the NFL. For good reason: Derek Carr and Riders have thrown about 380 yards per game, and the Chargers are over 300 per game.

The Chargers have played 65.2% of their offensive plays and the Riders 64%. These are not teams that are throwing because they are always behind, like Jaguar, Jet or Falcon. These are teams that are throwing a lot because they have to play with the power of crime.

That could add up a bit tomorrow because the prime time overs were going to be 8-1 in Week 4, but also because these two offenses look a little better than expected. The difference between Anthony Lin’s staff and Brendon Staley’s staff has been day and night for the Chargers, who have been even more aggressive in fourth-tier situations. The raiders are full of aggression and the car has been profitable.

Derek Carr.
Derek Carr.
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Raid Mar Yards is fourth in catches and Car Air Yards is seventh. Chargers are not very vertical, but are thrown away with such a volume that their passing number is solid, ranking 10th in completion percentage and fourth in yards.

Both teams are ranked fifth and sixth, respectively, with the percentage of drives ending in points, the Chargers with 50% and the Riders with 48.6%. The Chargers have the most red zone trips with 15, but they have only seven touchdowns, so it’s better to move on. The raiders have 13 with seven TDs.

It could be a red zone performance here, but we should have a yardage for an over.

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