Champions Trophy '25 set to present scheduling challenges for T20 leagues


Pakistan Cricket Board to host Champions Trophy 2025 © Getty

The Champions Trophy 2025, to be played in Pakistan in February and March, is going to be in the news for reasons other than its venue. With Pakistan being the hosts, there are obvious doubts over whether the eight-team tournament will take place there, mainly due to the Indian government's refusal to grant permission for the Indian team, but that is for a later date. At this time, some boards are considering its impact on the schedules of their T20 leagues.

The tournament is scheduled to begin in the first week of February, disrupting the schedule of leagues held around that time of the year. ILT20, for example, began on January 19 and is scheduled to end on February 17. South Africa's SA20 and the Bangladesh Premier League will face similar challenges as their dates fall between the first two months of the year.

This year, SA20 began on January 10 and will end exactly a month later, on February 10. Bangladesh Premier League will also be no exception to this. Normally held in January–February, this year the seven-team league finals have been spread into March (the final is on 1 March).

The SA20 did not comment in response to a query, but an ILT20 official confirmed that the league will face challenges next year due to the overlap of the Champions Trophy dates. “We have to work on a limited window,” the official said. With the current edition still going on, IL officials have not yet considered the dates for the next season, but the official admitted that they need to restart the league in January itself. May have to end.

Even the Pakistan Super League (PSL) will not remain untouched by this disruption. If the Champions Trophy – normally a 20-day event – takes place throughout the month of February, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will have very little time in March before it clashes with the Indian Premier League (IPL) dates. Huge in size, popularity and profile. The PSL is scheduled to start on February 17 this year and will run till March 18. There has not been much reaction from the PCB on this issue. With a new committee recently formed, the focus is currently on this year's edition, which will be the ninth season of the PSL.

Finally, returning to the first point regarding the venue, the relevant authorities refused to comment on whether the tournament would definitely be held in Pakistan or it would be shifted. The PCB recently signed a host country agreement with the International Cricket Council (ICC), but the final word on the issue is yet to be said.


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