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Carlos Correa is a free agent despite the Astros scandal. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Carlos Correa is a free agent despite the Astros scandal.

Houston – What, is he worried?

In the first embarrassment, incoming free agent Carlos Correa appears to be a poor fit for the Yankees despite the need for a short stop in 2022, due to the whole scandal in which the 2017 Astros illegally stole marks from opponents. Including the Yankees series in the American League Championship, it is thought – to help them win the championship.

Still, say goodbye to Houston’s two-time All-Star shortstop: he can handle the heat.

“Tough,” Korea said in Mint Mad Park on Thursday, after a reporter asked if the scandal made it difficult to tamper with everything except here. , Play great baseball, show people that we are a really good team, that we play great baseball at home and on the street. It’s fun to fight the spectators on the street and have a good time with them.

Carlos Correa
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The 27-year-old has started walking. And knocked his club’s biggest hit on Tuesday – two runs, the third inning on a double-guaranteed rate field to eliminate the White Sox from ALDS. Baseball released its report on the scandal in early 2020.

In 67 post-season games leading up to Friday night’s ALCS Game 1 against the Red Sox, Correa has a .276 / .350 / .531 slash line, including 17 homers and 54 RBIs. With 26 homers and excellent defense, throw his strong walk into the year, and he checks all the boxes when it comes to performing in the spotlight.

“I think he’s treated her very well,” said Dusty Baker, Astros’ manager. You can’t do anything four, five months in advance. You can only play today. And I was in that situation myself, and you don’t have to worry about money. All you have to do is perform, and everything else will take care of you. If you perform, you work, everything else will follow.

“I’m telling you, Carlos has done a great job because I’ve seen that his free agent can’t handle the insecurity of a group of guys in a year of insecurity, and so for me Carlos; Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! That’s just playing. “

Asked about the status of his contract on Thursday, Korea said, “I’m not thinking about it; I’ll focus on it when the season is over. It’s not over yet.”

Estros is not expected to keep Korea, whose supporters could include the Tigers, Blue Jays and Rangers, as the Yankees are a rich short-stop free agent overseeing the crop, including the Mets’ Xavier Boys, Dodgers Corey Sager and the Blue Jays. Included. The Trevor Story of Marcus Semen and the Rockies.