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Caring Spouse Overwhelmed - Denver Post. - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Caring Spouse Overwhelmed – Denver Post.

Grandchildren would like to reject grandparents, because - Denver Post.

Dear Amy: My wife was recently hospitalized, and, as I have done before, I sent messages to family and friends to let them know her status.

After each message, I received many in return, asking some questions that needed a personal answer.

When my wife was on vacation, I received several offers to help with shopping and other chores.

I had to respond strategically to each one, explaining that her diet had to be carefully controlled, so I had to make a purchase.

I have such mixed feelings about incoming messages.

It’s amazing that family and friends care, but the volume of traffic that needs to be answered is burdening me in difficult times.

What do you think is the appropriate protocol when receiving updates on CaringBridge, or via a large email like mine?

Should people think good ideas but not respond directly?

Reply with a message of thanks / best wishes?

Or show interest and care by asking for more information, thus creating stress for the caregiver?

Thank you so much for the insight into your column, which I read in the LA Times.