Canada to send 8 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine amid transfer of heavy weapons

Defense Secretary Anita Anand said on Tuesday that Canada had completed a deal to send eight armored personnel carriers to Ukraine amid a push to bring more heavy artillery to the war-ravaged country.

In a tweet, Anand said the government had signed a contract with Mississauga-based manufacturer Roshel to deliver commercial-grade armored vehicles “as soon as possible.”

Anand sent the tweet after meeting with defense ministers and senior military officials at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to discuss how to coordinate arms shipments to Ukraine’s front line.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced Canada’s commitment to armored vehicles for the first time since chairing the meeting.

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Canada ‘finishes’ armor deals for Ukraine as promised heavy artillery arrives

During the meeting, Anand said that Canada continues to provide specialized cameras for drones that are already being used in combat. Last week, the government announced that it was finalizing a contract for the maintenance and repair of these cameras.

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On Friday, Canada sent M777 howitzers and ammunition to Ukraine, fulfilling its promise to send heavy artillery in the wake of a steady stream of lighter weapons, ammunition and equipment.

According to the government, the M777 light 155mm towed howitzer is lighter and smaller, but more powerful than any gun of its type. The M777 provides indirect firepower capable of accurately hitting targets up to 30 km away.

Since January 2022, Canada has provided more than $118 million worth of military equipment to support Ukraine. In the 2022 budget, Canada also allocated $500 million in additional military assistance to Ukraine for the fiscal year 2022-23.

Anand is set to travel to Washington, DC later this week, where she will make her first official visit as secretary of defense, where she will meet with Austin.

Anand and Austin are expected to support Ukraine as well as modernize Norad. The modernization of the bilateral aerospace defense system has taken on a new urgency in connection with Putin’s invasion.

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