Caltrans gets high praise for Pavement Repair: The Road Show

Q: Regarding the spectacular Interstate 580 repair job, it looks like Caltrans used a new method in Mountain View as well. They paved Highway 237 between the Central Expressway and El Camino, and we call it the “Highway of the Future.” It’s night and day compared to other roads, and our EV feels like it’s flying.

Jim Linder, San Jose

Q: Good to hear. I would like to hear from people who have run roads that have done so well, or know about other areas that need improvement.

Q: Gary, I’ve been a loyal reader of your column for many years and it’s clear you do amazing work with government agencies. I have filed several road maintenance requests and called Caltrans about North 280 to Race Street and the Southwest Expressway and the Lincoln Avenue overpass in San Jose. The problem is the grade difference between the asphalt and concrete finish. Caltrans placed filler asphalt to pave the road, but to no avail.

The grade difference is huge. Many vehicles pass by this place every day. It is unclear if permanent repairs will ever be made. Help.

Daniel Akaki, San Jose.

A: I’ve been behind Caltrans to fix this for a long time. They say they will go to see what they can do to fix it.

Q: I was going south on the 101 and took the Brokaw Road exit. If my GPS didn’t tell me where to turn, I would have stopped exiting because the trail is mostly covered by trees. Hopefully it can be trimmed.