California lawmakers pressured federal officials to expand production of the monkeypox vaccine.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Public health departments around the Bay Area are grappling with limited testing, limited vaccine supplies and a lack of data surrounding monkeypox, making it difficult to understand the full picture of the outbreak. Is.

“Monkey pox has been detected in wastewater in Northern California, which shows that there is much more transmission than meets the eye,” says Dr. Peter Chen. have been, that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” says Dr. Peter Chen. Hong, professor of medicine and infectious disease specialist at UCSF.

High transmission rates are being matched by a slow response and not enough vaccines, says Dr Chen Hong.

The FDA recommends two doses of the monkeypox vaccine to be most effective. But because of supply shortages, he says the new strategy is to administer only one dose.

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“There is some laboratory data that suggests that one dose can actually provide protection for up to two years,” Chen-Hong explains.

California State Senator Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) is concerned that, like other infectious disease outbreaks, monkeypox could become endemic. Currently, the virus is affecting gay and bisexual men the most.

“I hope it doesn’t spread too widely, but it certainly could. And if it does, then we see a large portion of the population looking for a vaccine,” says Sen. Weiner. I am. That would destroy the system quickly,” says Sen. Weiner.

He is calling for emergency funding from the state before the August recess, to fund local counties, specifically for more testing.

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“Most counties haven’t seen a lot of monkeypox so far, but that’s starting to change. So we have a lot of counties that don’t have the resources to respond,” he says.

Weiner says Gov. Gavin Newsom addressed monkeypox with the White House during his recent visit to Washington, D.C., and other top California state health officials have had high-level discussions with their federal counterparts.

“We’re all putting a lot of pressure on our federal partners because they’re the ones in the best position to turn this around on vaccination. I believe they now have a sense of urgency,” Weiner says. It’s too much.”

Currently, there is only one laboratory in the world that produces the monkeypox vaccine. But Weiner says he has agreed to license it. It’s up to the Biden administration to push American manufacturers to step up, he added.

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“We’re trying to start a fire to say that you need to do everything humanly possible to accelerate and scale up the production of these vaccines. Whatever that may be. With the E.U. Working. Working with the World Health Organization. Ensuring that. Other manufacturers are providing financial incentives,” says the senator.

The Biden administration has ordered several million doses of monkeypox vaccine, but most of it won’t be available until the end of the year.

San Francisco has requested 35,000 vaccines to treat people who are at high risk of the virus, but has received only several thousand.

Even if U.S. companies begin production immediately, additional vaccines are still months away.

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