Calgary artist’s Kevin Costner painting raises money for military veterans – Calgary

Some of Calgary’s strugglers are getting a little help from 2022 Calgary Stampede parade marshal Kevin Costner.

The Hollywood star is part of a new effort to help the city’s military veterans.

Calgary artist Christ Tutti created an airbrush painting of Costner, which he has donated to the Veterans Association Food Bank (VAFB) to support its programs.

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Tutti said the goal is “to help raise money so they can help some veterans who are in need.”

Tutti set out to get Costner’s signature on the painting while the actor was in Calgary for the July 8 Stampede Parade.

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“I had to follow him all the way through the parade,” Tutti said, adding that the artist was able to walk up to Costner and get his autograph at the end of the parade.

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“Because we were hooking him up with veterans, he just said that anything he could do to help, he was happy to do,” Totti said. “It was a very magical moment for me.”

VAFB says it is grateful for the support.

VAFB’s Charles Redeker said, “For Chris to donate a piece of work like this and then for Kevin Costner to join in with what we’re doing enough to sign him so we can finish it. and make some money,” said VAFB’s Charles Redeker. . “It’s just great support for us.”

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VAFB will sell raffle tickets until the draw on November 13. Click for more information. Here.

The raffle is expected to raise $20,000 for VAFB.

Totti says it’s an honor to be able to help veterans in this way.

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“My grandfather was a pilot during World War II and he was shot down and had to bail out and was a prisoner of war,” Tutti said. “He always instilled in me whatever values ​​I could to help people.

“This is my way of serving the veterans and my grandfather.”

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