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The Russia-China rivalry has become a major talking point, with Rishi Sink and Liz Truss trying to ‘out-hawk’ each other.

by the Timur FomenkoA political analyst

During the upcoming televised debate, British Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Singh, who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Boris Johnson’s government, Expected promising concrete action against China, which he accuses of “The biggest long-term risk to the UK is.”

Claiming that Beijing now “Infiltrating our universities“And”Stealing our technology“The racist scaremongering that has been unleashed by the Trump administration, Sink will call for stronger NATO cooperation against China and pledge to close all 30 of the country’s Confucius Institutes (which teach Chinese language). But they have been often and unfoundedly accused of espionage and political interference.

For most Tory hawks, however, Sink’s rhetoric is unconvincing. As recently as January, he actually committed. deep Trade relations between China and the UK His change is clearly motivated by his desire to become party leader and appeal to a right-wing populist base that supports his rival Liz Truss. Models Self-evidently after Margaret Thatcher. As the first ethnic minority candidate for the Conservative leadership, it’s not rocket science to see why she’s at such a disadvantage, a sad but uncomfortable truth.

Liz Truss Warns The World Against Bad Women.

While Cink’s previous position on China was quite reasonable, it has also quickly become a line of attack against him by the right-wing press, with the Daily Mail recently claiming that They was supported From China’s Global Times, which said, “No one wanted validation.”

However, no one would seriously think that China is going to ‘out-hawk’ Truss, who has been fanatical in his confrontational approach to diplomacy against both China and Russia, and his relationship with democracy. Enthusiastic obsession – or rather, rhetorical construction. “Democracy” So often used as a rallying cry by Western leaders.

This is devastating news for the UK as a whole, but few will be realizing it. despite talking”Global Britain“And”free trade,Whoever succeeds Boris Johnson (and it will probably be Truss) will put the UK on a collision course with the world’s second largest economy, the largest by imports and exports. Despite, and of course simultaneously with, the lingering effects of Brexit. Pursuing an aggressive proxy war in Ukraine, where Truss wants nothing less than the defeat of the Russian state. One might pause to ask what on earth has gone wrong with British foreign policy. In light of all this, and of Brexit, how could it have become so relentless and self-defeating? It is a display of utter madness that has taken over the political mainstream in the wake of Brexit.

Modern Britain has always, at every point in history, been arrogant and aggressive, completely unrepentant of its imperial legacy. Attributing Brexit as the starting point for such unbridled chauvinism can forget the devastation in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and of course focus on Britain’s apparent lack of independence in its direction of US foreign policy priorities. After all, Britain has on paper participated in every US-led war since World War II. The only exception was Vietnam, thanks to Harold Wilson, a Labor Prime Minister who truly “The swinging sixtiesin Britain and refused to help. But he was an exception.

Three Candidates Remain In The Race To Replace Johnson.

Three Candidates Remain In The Race To Replace Johnson.

Thus, while it has always existed, Brexit has revealed itself as perhaps the highest and most chauvinistic form of Anglophone exceptionalism and ideological elitism yet, precisely because it has led to war. has dampened the post-war debate about Britain’s post-imperial identity and bid to be part of it. of Europe. Instead of moving on from the past, it has doubled down on it, and as a result merged with a brand of ultra-neoconservatism to become even more subservient to the US and extremely aggressive towards certain countries. be done, in this case Russia and China in the name of British civilisation. Any pragmatism, any reason, balance and humility that may have restrained Conservative politicians has evaporated in the name of populism.

We are now at a stage where an Indian-origin British politician feels he can gain political advantage by weaponizing fear, hatred and intimidation against the Chinese people, betraying a diverse and open country where His parents were settled and that allowed him to be like that. Success is a sad state of affairs, and no doubt this aggressive pursuit of burning bridges and geopolitical confrontation will, as already, put further pressure on the British economy, which is already suffering from rising inflation, shrinking incomes, growing industrial unrest. And surrounded by watery eyes. Inequality Although, of course, Liz Truss seems an almost inevitable winner, the fact that someone like her is in this position is not about her rise, but Britain’s descent. If you think Boris Johnson was bad (he was personally incompetent but politically restrained by others’ standards), then things are about to get a lot worse. On a number of fronts, we are going to see Britain now in the deep turn of right-wing regression that the US is facing.

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