S Zapello’s letter, The Argus, Friday, October 21, In addition to highlighting the scandal of many of the city’s public toilets being closed during the winter, yesterday I took a public question to Green Council leader Philem McCafferty. I asked about this issue. Council meeting

Basically my question was why are Brighton and Hove City Council recruiting a new head of communications and public relations if the city can’t afford to keep public toilets open in the winter, and a “hiring freeze”. During?

Naturally, I have no sensible answer as to why it is necessary to fill a post which none of us would be more sensible of than to keep an essential public service open.

Cllr Mac Cafferty also misstated the size of his council communications team, who had five days to research a response to my previously submitted public question, and cited 12 staff, when the job application Claimed that the new post holder will be in charge of it. 25.

The council’s communications team is so essential to running the council that he didn’t even know what size it was.

Meanwhile, we have a Green and Labor coalition that has declared itself a sanctuary city – from the toilet, it seems.

Which begs the question; Where do we expect our substantial homeless population to relieve themselves, never mind our many day trips and council tax paying citizens?

Brighton and Hove will soon become a resort of last resort if the council imposes on us excessive staffing and un-evidence-backed social science experiments such as disused cycle lanes to trump the absolute legal basis that our The Council is bound to provide.

One of the duties of the new head of communications and public relations will be “anti-racism”. In that case, hopefully they will address the human rights issue of inadequate public toilets.

Laura King

On behalf of Friends of Brighton and Hove Citizens Action Group

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