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'Bridgeton' Emmy winner Mark Pelcher dies at 53 in Cowboy 19. - - Job Offer Ads
October 24, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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‘Bridgeton’ Emmy winner Mark Pelcher dies at 53 in Cowboy 19.

Hair and makeup artist Mark Pilcher died Sunday at the age of 53 from Code 19. According to his agency, Curtis Brown, he was given a double vaccine and had no basic health condition.

His family said: “We deeply confirm that Mark Elliott Pilcher, Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winning hair and makeup designer / stylist, died on Sunday, October 3, 2021 after a fight with Code 19. ۔ ” Different types. In a statement by Curtis Brown.

Pilcher recently scored a Creative Emmy for her work on Netflix on September 11 for outstanding time and / or character hairstyles.Bridgeton.. ”

The designer tested negative on several COVID-19 tests to visit the event. However, shortly after returning home, he fell ill.

“Bridgeton” star Nicola Kaflin, who plays Penelope Federington, wrote. An emotional tribute His late friend was devastated by the loss of Mark Pilcher, a brilliant and insightful hair and makeup designer for “Bridgeton” Season One. Mark was passionate and talented about his work. Less than a month later She won her first Emmy Award.

“It’s a tragedy that he was taken at such a young age when he still had so much to do. Please use it as a reminder that coyote is still a very real and current threat.” Please get vaccinated and put on a mask to protect yourself and others. Tweeted. “My heart goes out to her friends and family, especially to her wonderful team of Linda, Lou, Adam, Holly, Tanya and Claire. She loved and cared for you all and my My heart goes out to all of you. Mark easily. “

Coflan’s co-star Phoebe Dinor, who plays Daphne Bergerton, also lamented that she was “at a loss for words”.

Pilcher has starred in several films and TV productions, including “My Queen of Scots,” “Downton Abbey,” “Judy,” and “The Nut Cracker and the Four Circles.” He also honed his skills in several West End dramas.

She also received an Oscar nomination for “Mary Queen of Scots” in 2019.

“Bridgeton” stars such as Nicola Kaflan and Phoebe Dinor (with Reggie Jane Page above) have expressed condolences over the death of their friend.