Brendan Cole nicknamed “bad Brendan” as Dancing on Ice training goes “catastrophically bad”


Former Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole admits it’s “really scary” when accidents happen in training as he continues to prepare for ITV’s new series

Brendan Cole nicknamed 'bad Brendan' as DOI training goes 'catastrophically'
Dancing on Ice star Brendan Cole opened up about his preparation for the ITV show

Brendan Cole and Ice dance partner Vanessa Bauer took a hit while training for the new series.

Old Come dance strictly Pro Brendan has bad cuts on both shins – and he sliced ​​Vanessa’s back with his blades.

The pair took a nasty fall on the ice as they put the hours two months before the show.

Brendan said, “It’s actually really scary. When things go wrong, things go catastrophically wrong.

“We fell. We were literally going in circles. There was no way to land it safely, because once you go, you go.

Brendan Cole will be on the ice for the ITV show in January


Former Judge Strictly has already started his training with his partner Vanessa Bauer


“The cuts are really big when the blades go into your shins, it really hurts. Twice already – one day on the left leg and the next day on the right leg.”

Vanessa jokingly dubbed him “bad Brendan” on social media after cutting her off.

But the pair are still up for the show’s famous “headbanger” move.

Brendan said, “Headbanger week one, that’s what I work for. Triple axel week one.”

But Vanessa issued a note of caution, stressing, “He let me down.”

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