Boy George says he’ll try to avoid “trash arguments” in the jungle during the upcoming series of IMA Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

The former He Culture Club frontman, 61, said he wanted to find a place away from fellow campers where he could practice mindfulness, including yoga and chanting.

He joins the ITV show as it returns to the Australian jungle, alongside other famous faces including Mike Tyndall, Love Island star Olivia Attwood, as well as former health secretary Matt Hancock.


The singer, 61, said he wanted to find a place away from fellow campers during the show where he could do mindfulness exercises, including yoga (Ian West/PA)

Boy George said he was persuaded to join the show by its “charming” hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, and that it was not as “hostile” as in the past.

“TV is very different. I’ve always watched the show and it’s not as aggressive as it used to be,” he told The Sun newspaper.

“If you go back to, say, Johnny Rotten was on it or Katie Price – it was really antagonistic and it wasn’t something I would have enjoyed.

“You don’t really know how you’re going to react but my appetite for pointless arguments has been greatly reduced.”

He added: “I’m obviously going to do yoga and I chant… so I hope I can find a place where I can do that because I think it’ll keep me sane. “

The singer, who said he plans to be “as much Boy Georgie as I can”, previously revealed his custom look for the jungle – with big red polka dots stitched onto his khakis.

It comes as former Spando ballet singer Tony Hadley, former I’m A Celebrity… contestant and long-time friend of Boy George, wishes him well for the show.

“I loved it (the show). I loved every minute of it, but I’m not sure how George is… what he’s going to do with it, because trust me, when the cameras go off at nine o’clock So you won’t get champagne,” he told the PA news agency.

“It’s tough out there. You’re really hungry and it’s tough. But good luck to George. He’s a lovely guy.”


Boy George will join former health secretary Matt Hancock in the jungle (BBC/PA)

Headley also commented on Matt Hancock’s decision to enter the jungle, who has faced criticism for signing up for the show, saying the former cabinet member had made a “huge mistake”.

“I mean, he’s talking about, ‘I’m going to talk about dyslexia.’ Believe me. They’re not interested in dyslexia when you’re in the woods,” he told PA. .

“They’re interested in, you know, why he left his wife, why he was caught red-handed… they’re going for that kind of thing.

“They want juicy gossip.”

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