Bobbi-Anne McLeod: Cody Ackland Appears in Court for Murder of 18-Year-Old

Cody Ackland appeared in court for the murder of an 18-year-old Bobbi-Anne McLeod, who disappeared in Plymouth on her way to visit friends.

The 24-year-old, from Southway, Plymouth, was charged with the murder of Ms McLeod between November 20 and 23.

The accused, who appeared in a blue disposable face mask and gray sweatshirt and jogging pants on the quayside, muttered as he confirmed his full name, date of birth and address at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court Friday morning.

He was remanded in custody to reappear at Plymouth Crown Court on Monday, November 29.

Man suspected of being Cody Ackland arriving at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court


Ms McLeod’s family were in court for the accused’s first appearance.

Returning Mr. Ackland to custody, Magistrates’ President Louise Ferris told him: “Mr. Ackland, you are being sent to be tried by the Crown Court in Plymouth for this offense.

“You are remanded in custody until November 29.”

It emerged that the murder suspect, who covered his face with a blanket when he arrived in court, was the lead guitarist for local indie rock band Rakuda.

The remaining members of the group expressed shock by announcing their disbandment with immediate effect as a “mark of respect” for Ms McLeod.

The group said in a statement: “The remaining members of Rakuda; Josh, Ross, Josh and Mike are all extremely shocked and completely in disbelief by the tragic event that has unfolded over the past few days.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Bobbi-Anne McLeod who must be devastated by their loss.

“As a sign of respect, we have decided not to continue as a group and to go our separate ways with immediate effect.

“We will not be making any further comments at this time. “

Hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight vigil in memory of Bobbi-Anne McLeod near where she went missing in Leigham, Plymouth

(The independent)

Ms McLeod went missing after leaving her home in the Leigham district of Plymouth on Saturday around 6 p.m. to catch a bus into town.

Her friends, whom she was due to meet, sounded the alarm after her absence.

After a three-day search, a body believed to be Ms McLeod’s was found near Bovisand, South Hams – within a 30-minute drive of where she disappeared.

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