It wasn’t exactly a bloodbath, but blood was shed, with the end of series two of Bloodlands somewhat anti-climactic. Victoria Smurfette’s manipulative and deadly widow Olivia Foyle was outed by none other than DCI Brank’s daughter Issy.

Initially the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as he, like his father, demonstrates some gun prowess in order to stop Olivia from killing her father by being shot – all by an imposing lighthouse. Taking place in the wonderful background.

A place chosen by American psychopath Ryan Savage as a meeting point where he can exchange Issy for sleep.

Moments earlier, Olivia had cried when she learned that American psychopath Ryan Savage (Jonjo O’Neill) had to contact his goons in New York to stop Olivia’s son from having her hands on the gold bars. So he is right. killed

Considering he got hit in the head with one of his prized gold bars – courtesy of a crazy-looking brawn – killed him when he tried to retrieve it from Jimmy Nesbitt’s DIY bobby trap. , no such call can be made.


Jonjo O’Neill as Ryan Savage in the final episode of Bloodlands. Photo: Stephen Hill

Kudos to Smurfit for showing a moment of genuine despair and loss in Olivia.

But in keeping with the character, Olivia quickly switches from cold-hearted to pragmatist mode after quickly calculating that at least she can get away with sleeping.

Forcing Brink at gunpoint to disarm the remaining Bobbi-trapped Holdalls, she doesn’t see an emotionally broken Issie – traumatized that her beloved Birdie was killed by Olivia. was (“She’s not a stepmother,” a deadpan Savage tells her. She’s lying in the boot of her car mid-adduction).

Wanting to come forward, Savage also tells Issei that his father is a dirty cop.

With only Issy and Brannick alive, Brannick’s delusion comes into full force: “I did it all for you,” he tells her, as he clutches her bleeding thigh.

Tragically, he orders her to run away with the gold. Issy looks back in disbelief – and it’s laughable: she can barely walk up to the cash converters with a stash of gold bars, no questions asked. Brank offers to do the honorable thing for his daughter: take the blame for Olivia’s d*ath. Tell them I did it all, he says, as he throws his phone at her.

This culminates in DS Niamh McGovern (Charlene McKenna), who reveals that Birdie’s body was dug up in an outhouse on the property that secretly belonged to Colin Foyle – kept by Bernick. Thanks to the trail of gone breadcrumbs that kept Olivia’s blonde highlights. Hair with body to implicate your ex lover directly.

McGovern has barely processed this when, after trying to reach Brannick and getting his voicemail, an email rings on his phone. Branic’s stay with Dardis, which led to Branic’s killing him, was blocked by the ANRP (Automatic Number Plate) system and the killer cop was not smart enough not to use his car while committing the crimes. can, it is marked internally.

Behind the wheel, a distraught McGovern finds directly where Brannick is, and she’s in no mood for games (we know because she loosens her scarf, Brannick must be scared). But whether he finds out that Branc’s Goliath is unclear.

Back at father and daughter, Brank again begs him to “tell them everything” before falling on his back.

The shot pulls back to show an aerial view of the beautiful landscape, and that’s it… the end.

Such was the abrupt nature of the ending, a double check that only six episodes were needed.

It’s nothing new for dramas, especially thrillers, to end on a cliffhanger, but Bloodlands viewers didn’t get quite the cliffhanger in this finale.

There are also countless loose ends: what happened to Emma Brannick, the identity of the Feds’ informant, the evidence on Birdie’s computer that led to Brannick’s misdeeds—all unresolved.

This can only mean that a third series is in the works.

Series two of Bloodlands was a step up from its predecessor, which was unveiled with much fanfare.

This series probably didn’t get as much attention as it should have.

Frankly, the real standout from Bloodlands is once again our stunning scene with Nesbitt’s intense gaze stealing the show.

But the series will have to do more than promote the picturesque Strangford Lough and Co Down coast line to get fans of the Northern Irish crime drama to revisit it.

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