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BedPlus undergoes another major change, leading to the Bay Area. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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BedPlus undergoes another major change, leading to the Bay Area.

BedPlus undergoes another major change, leading to the Bay Area.

A slight increase has completely reshaped BedPlus.

With a collection emerging from the New York Jazz scene at the turn of the century, featuring original compositions and extensively arranged rock and pop songs, the collective became one of the most popular and long-running bands of all three jazz. gone.

Drum King Dave King and bassist Red Anderson, who grew up together in Minneapolis, and was formed by Wisconsin-based pianist Ethan Everson, saw a major change in the group in late 2017 when Orion, a highly respected Philadelphia player, Evans took over. The piano chair was explicitly changed, but still basically The Bad Plus, all three of them uninterruptedly included Evans’ compositions on the album “Never Stop II” (2018) and “Active Infinity” (2019).

But with the epidemic break and Evans focused more on his own ambitious plans – Orion Evans Captain Black Big Band won two Grammy Award nominations – the pianist decided to move on, leaving King and Anderson at the crossroads. ۔ Instead of maintaining all three formats, they recruited tenor sexo-fist Chris Speed ​​and guitarist Ben Monder, brilliant, brilliant and traveling players who should know a lot. BedPlus has introduced Yoshi’s new lineup this weekend, September 25-26.

“One of the things we wanted to do was get away from the piano,” Anderson said. But more importantly, the two boys are really interesting musicians who are very personal. There are also people with whom we have long-standing relationships. It all made sense. “

Although still strongly associated with dramatic interpretations of songs such as Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”, Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, and for fear of tears, “Everyone wants to rule the world,” Bad Plus Mainly serves as a vehicle for the Reds and Kings. Writing After Yoshi’s race, the band heads east to record an album of new material they have written for the square layout. Rock and pop cover are no longer in the band’s book.

“It’s always been the band’s secondary point, a small piece of research that helped us find our voices together,” Reid said. “It’s really made in Dave and I’m the structural and imaginative force behind BedPlus. It’s the instrument of our songs. At the same time, we all generally embrace pop and rock music.”

There are many overlapping associations between the four musicians, the most notable development of which is that BadPlus is combining Monder and Speed ​​for the first time in a recording studio, although they have played together informally and Visited in different settings. In the last three decades, Monder was, in fact, the first musician to move to New York in 1992, causing a stir in the knitting factory.

“Ben’s one of New York’s secrets,” Speed ​​said. “He’s the heaviest guitarist I know, and it’s a dream to play with him.”

Like Speed, Monder is best known as a companion who brings a jolt of creative energy to any musical situation. He has released 10 albums as a leader or co-leader, with more than 80 appearing as a sideman, including composer Maria Schneider, tanner sexo font Donnie McCaslin, drum legend Paul Mutian, and David Bowie’s “Black Star”. ۔

Speed ​​has been very high in the Bay Area for many years, while rarely performing under its own name. His recent observations include a frame with Yoshi’s Dave King Trucking Company and SF Jazz Center to Breaken Shadows, King, Red, and Alto Sexo Font Tim Bern, a frame by Fort Worth sex phone comrades Ornate Coleman and Davy Redman. Focuses on composition.

Living in Los Angeles since 2017, Speed ​​thrives on digging deep into a band’s musical details (a longtime Brooklyn resident before moving to LA, he labels the work of his neighboring players as his stylish label Documented on Scroll). Being involved in the little things in The Bad Plus book is a bit of a chore for him, especially since he’s seen the group perform dozens of times.

“I feel like an archaeologist, scratching and looking down,” he said. “I always wanted to have a band where we did that. The reality is there’s a flicker here and a flicker there, a lot of bouncing because most bands can’t work permanently. I’ve always had to say that. We will pay attention to the respect of Bad Plus. It is a situation where everyone is bound by 1000%. In this way, the music really gets deeper.

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