Becky Vardy accuses Coleen Rooney of ‘attempted to DESTROY her’ by using ‘abusive’ ex in dispute with Wagatha Christie

BECKY Vardy dramatically accused Coleen Rooney of attempting to “destroy” her by using her ex in their argument with Wagatha Christie.

In a lightning attack, she recounted how the legal battle with her former friend had suddenly taken “a dark turn” in recent weeks.

Rebekah's ex-husband Stephen Clarke should be called as a witness for Team Coleen


Rebekah’s ex-husband Stephen Clarke should be called as a witness for Team ColeenCredit: PA
The couple's Wagatha Christie row rumbles


The couple’s Wagatha Christie row rumblesCredit: Getty
Steve Clarke is lined up as a witness


Steve Clarke is lined up as a witness

She lambasted the reports Coleen, 35 years old, is align her ex-husband as a witness – slamming it as a deliberate attempt to “destroy” it.

And after months of silence, she warned, “I feel the time has come when maybe I should start talking a little more.”

In a devastating blog post, mom of five Becky, 39, lambasted claims that businessman Steve Clarke, 56, would join the Coleen team.

Becky previously accused him of domestic violence during their doomed 10-month marriage in 2005, saying he categorically denies.

She said victims were often put off from coming forward for fear of ever having to face their attacker in court.

The Wag wrote: “It sounds like a cruel threat to destroy the surviving self.

“I have already been open enough about the mental vulnerability that the abuse I suffered has returned to me.

“This court case has always been about clearing my name. I think these latest stories are a shame for the victims.

“It’s really important that women feel able to talk about their experiences and not be ashamed of them or see them being used as a weapon against them.

“Speaking Out provides support for the thousands of women who are trying to find the strength to break cycles and leave relationships.

“When it is used against you, whether in the media or by other means, it deeply hurts and scares.

“I have support and am as strong as I can get, but I am disappointed to be forced to face such headlines (whether real or fake).”

Mr Clarke is rumored to be among the witnesses who have given statements in support of Coleen’s case.

He has remained discreet about his evidence.

But claims he could appear in High Court next April when Wagatha Christie’s libel case is heard have left Becky, now married to Leicester City striker Jamie, 34, devastated.


Her latest blog post, titled Trigger Warning – Domestic Violence and Coercive Control, said the reports had “shaken” her physically.

She started off by saying, “I usually don’t comment on anything related to my court case, but over the past few weeks it has taken a rather dark turn.

“Reluctantly, I feel the time has come when maybe I should start talking a little more.

“Recently, I was at home getting the kids ready for bed when someone sent me a link to an online story.

“I hadn’t even read it, I just saw the photo at the top of the story and felt my skin start to tingle as the familiar rush of adrenaline started to flow through my body.

“I felt myself stepping into this instant fight or flight mode that I know many victims of domestic violence and coercive control will understand.

“This was followed later by extreme shaking, absolute tremors that are almost impossible to control until you somehow manage to calm yourself down.”

She recounted how she used the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques she had learned before after reading the title.


Becky continued, “Then I took a deep breath and read a report claiming that my ex-husband of 16 years ago was bought off by the ‘other side’ as a witness in our legal case. .

“I have already spoken about the nature of our historic relationship.

“One of the many reasons women do not come forward is the fear that they will not be believed, that they will be impacted or that if they do come forward, they will have to face their abusers in court.

“Memories of domestic violence haunt you all your life.

“Sometimes the effects can stalk generations.

“It’s a cycle that must be broken and it’s hard work.

“Whatever the problems with this case, the sensational reporting of the pain and fun it will be to see me confront the man I married in my early twenties in court… is wholly inappropriate.”

She offered her support to other victims of domestic violence and told them, “My DMs are always open.

Becky signed up by posting links to the Women’s Aid charity and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.

It comes after new court documents revealed that Coleen, wife of Manchester United and England legend Wayne, 35, did a “dummy run” before launching his mole hunt.

In her now infamous Wagatha article in October 2019, she told her millions of followers, “This is… Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

Their libel battle is expected to begin next April.

If you are affected by any of the issues mentioned in this article, call the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Hotline on 0808 2000 247 or visit Women’s Aid. live chat service

Rebekah sues Coleen for libel


Rebekah sues Coleen for libel
Coleen accused her of leaking articles to the press


Coleen accused her of leaking articles to the press
Coleen Rooney refuses to apologize to Rebekah Vardy as talks with Wagatha fail AGAIN

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