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With the British Columbia government adding children under 12 to its immunization schedule to include more children, the provincial teachers’ union in British Columbia is in favor of holding clinics at school sites.

The British Columbia Ministry of Health said children between the ages of five and 11 will be able to receive vaccines starting Monday, November 29. Dr Penny Ballem, the medical officer in charge of the deployment, said vaccination would take place in some schools after hours. Teri Mooring, president of the BC Teachers’ Federation, told Black Press she supported the move.

“It makes sense that the places families normally go to be used for vaccination clinics,” Mooring said. “Using schools in the evening or after school is a great use of schools. In many communities, the school is the center of the community, especially in small communities… it makes vaccines accessible and I think it’s important for families to go to places they trust.

While Mooring said the decision to immunize a child is ultimately up to parents, figures released by the province on Nov. 23 showed that the cases of infection of children in this demographic group have “increased dramatically since. start of the school year ”.

“Although children usually don’t get as sick as adults with COVID-19, they can still pass [it] to others who may be medically vulnerable, ”Mooring said. “In order for us all to be protected, we all need to be immunized, so we certainly encourage families to register, if they haven’t already, and have their children immunized.”

Docking also encourages parents who are reluctant to see a healthcare professional.

“It will be very important for families to get up-to-date information from reliable sources on how well the vaccine is working and whether it is safe,” Mooring said.

“There were very few negative results, in terms of childhood immunizations, and these negative results were not significant. There have been, but there has been no serious illness, for example. The vaccines are safe, they are reliable, and they have been tested and approved in the United States and Canada now. “

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