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Following a devastating storm that caused flooding and landslides in southern British Columbia, BC Hydro is warning residents that there is more to come.

The electric utility issued an update on Nov. 24 forecasting power outages, as well as an increased influx of water into reservoirs on the South Coast and Vancouver Island, amid heavy rains. and strong winds are building up again this week.

These difficult conditions are due to the fact that BC Hydro is still recovering from the effects of the atmospheric river which swept through British Columbia from November 13th to 15th. Notably, many utility tanks stay full before further precipitation.

According to the update, influxes caused by the storm were among the highest on record. As flood alerts were sent to those affected by the high water levels, workers did their best to manage the overflow water discharge and protect sensitive areas.

“In some basins we are already starting with very full reservoirs and anticipating additional precipitation,” BC Hydro President and CEO Chris O’Riley said in the statement.

Parts of BC Hydro’s provincial grids were also damaged in the storm, causing power outages in affected areas. Work continues to restore power to areas affected by evacuation orders.

BC Hydro is still working to replace structures, power lines and electrical wires in the province, especially along the highway. 8 corridor where 87 electric poles and 14 transformers were destroyed.

“BC Hydro crews continue to assess damage from last week’s storms,” added O’Riley. “The costs are expected to run into the millions and we are bracing for more extreme weather conditions. “

As more storms loom on the horizon, the company wants people to stay away from rivers with increased inflows and prepare for power outages. In the event of a drop in power lines, residents should stay at least 10 meters away.

Anyone interested in knowing more can visit the BC Hydro website at bchydro.com/getprepared.

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