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The number of asylum claims in the UK has reached the highest levels in nearly two decades, according to figures released by the Home Office, amid rising illegal Channel crossings.

The number of complaints reached 37,562 in the year through September, which is the highest total since 2004, the figures show.

This is a jump of 18% compared to the previous year and even more than at the height of the European migration crisis in June 2016, when 36,546 applications were received.

The increase in requests is likely linked in part to the easing of global travel restrictions that were in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic and an increase in small boat arrivals in the UK,“, Said a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, quoted by the Press Association.

Iranians were the first nationality to seek asylum every year since 2016. They were followed by Eritrea and Albania in the year ending September 2021. The number of applications from Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban rose nearly 40% in the year ending September.

The figures sparked anger in light of the deaths of 27 migrants trying to cross the Channel from Calais to the UK on Wednesday.

Caroline Lucas, of the Green Party, said Thursday that if ministers were serious about “break the economic model“human traffickers”,they must establish safe and legal asylum routes, without requiring people to be on British soil to seek asylum here. “

The Home Office said it offered protection, in the form of asylum, humanitarian protection or other forms of leave and resettlement, to 13,210 people, including dependents, during the year until September.

A UK government spokesperson said statistics show “the complex scale of the global migration crisis. “

A significant proportion of asylum claims over the past year should have been made in a safe country first, rather than from people risking their lives making dangerous crossings facilitated by smugglers. Yesterday’s tragedy serves as the starkest possible reminder of the dangers of this“said the spokesperson.

The French authorities criticized the British labor market for being “”too attractiveTo illegal migrants, while the British government says France is not doing enough to prevent migrants from embarking on dangerous journeys.

According to British media, nearly 26,000 people crossed the Channel this year, already three times more than the number of crossings recorded in 2020.

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