Asda shoppers will be able to buy Gucci clothes for as low as £ 12 tomorrow

WHO doesn’t like a bargain – especially when it’s Gucci and starting at just £ 12.

Ready, set, go !

Gucci hunt at Asda?  Who would have thought!


Gucci hunt at Asda? Who would have thought!

Over the years, Asda has grown into one of the UK’s favorite retailers – with some of the lowest prices on the market, it’s easy to see why so many households choose this brand.

As much as we love Asda, the beloved Italian haute couture brand, Gucci, and your local Asda is a combination none of us saw coming.

George at Asda announced that on Friday, November 26, he will be selling a wide range of pre-loved Gucci clothing in stores for his customers to purchase.

But there is a little twist …


To make the hunt a little more exciting, the retailer has not revealed which stores will have the gems – shoppers will have to go hunting, with cheeky staff hiding the items.

Anyone lucky enough to track down the goods will be able to bring them home for as little as £ 12 – when the actual retail value runs into the thousands.

The unusual move – the Fabulous team finds it hard to think of a time when it has already happened – coincides with the premiere and release of House of Gucci, starring big names like Jared Leto and Lady Gaga.

Announced earlier in 2021 as part of the retailer’s “George for Good” pledge, this glamorous coup is organized in association with vintage wholesaler PreLoved, the company’s sustainability partner.

I don’t know about you, but we will definitely spend tomorrow running from Asda to Asda!

Rest, tomorrow will be a long day!

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Black Friday is even better!


Black Friday is even better!
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