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Anthony Bourdain's producer Tom Whitley did not see his suicide coming. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Anthony Bourdain’s producer Tom Whitley did not see his suicide coming.

Anthony Bourdain’s longtime producer told Page Six that he “never thought in a million years” that his beloved television presenter would die of suicide.

Tom Whitley, 44, who first began working with Borden when he was 26, has written a book about his time with a complex former chef.In mourning“(Kitchen language for backup During rush)

Borden, beloved for his globetrotting culinary television series, Hanged himself On June 8, 2018 at 61, during the shooting of “Unknown Parts” in France. He reportedly did not leave a note.

Vitale called Borden’s employee relationship a “cut-throat love” that was campaigning for Vitale’s annual Emmy nomination to threaten to attach jumper cables and car batteries to its producer’s testicles.

Nevertheless, they toured around the world on more than 70 trips to places such as Iran, Brazil, Bali and Libya.

Anthony Bourdain and Tom Whitley.
Vettel with Borden in Brazil, 2014.
Todd Labor

Vitale also spoke to Borden’s last girlfriend – Italian actress Asia Argento – for the book. A few days before his death, pictures of Argento kissing and hugging were published, and some concluded that Borden had committed suicide. They Strongly denied the allegations In an interview, he explained that he and Borden both saw others outside of their relationship.

“In the media, she’s been on fire for it,” Vitale added. “I don’t think anyone can really pull the trigger.” I mean, he didn’t pull the trigger.

“A lot of writing in the book was looking for answers for me, answers to all these questions. And you spend a lot of time thinking about things, you realize that the answers aren’t as comforting as you might think.” Hope they did. “

Vitale revealed that he is still not dead on his former boss, even though he is performing better than he did three years ago.

“I don’t believe it’s the kind of thing you’ve ever done,” he admitted.