An unwanted dog has not been seen since arriving at the shelter 142 days ago

Meet Epiphany, who has been expecting a new family for 142 days (Photo:

Sweet puppy Epiphany is going through a tough time.

The shy mixed-breed dog arrived at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull, East Yorkshire 142 days ago, but no one has shown the slightest interest in welcoming him.

In fact, she hasn’t even had a viewing since being at the shelter.

The charity has now launched an appeal to find Epiphany, who is about the size of a cocker spaniel, the perfect home.

She needs a landlord with a lot of patience and a home without young children, as she has been placed in the care of the shelter “very scared and nervous”.

The four-year-old has slowly started to become more comfortable with people, but life in a shelter causes more stress on Epiphany – so it would be really helpful for her to find a permanent home before Christmas.

Four-year-old Epiphany is still a little shy, but loves to play once she’s comfortable (Photo: Pet Set Go Photography)

“Epiphany arrived very scared and nervous,” the dog’s online profile read. “She has started to come out of her shell but she is still shy.

“She needs a lot of time and patience to become more confident with people and to show you her full potential.

“Epiphany is too nervous to be placed with younger children and needs a mature home.

She needs kind, loving and patient owners (Photo: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

“She is very stressed in the kennels and can be vocal, she will settle much better in a family environment. She can be selective towards her dog friends, so it would be best with a very calm male who won’t harass her.

Another key need for Epiphany’s future home is a secure fence around the garden, as she is very good at climbing and trying to escape.

She will need a house with a 6 foot high fence and someone to watch her in the garden.

Don’t be fooled by her size – she is very good at climbing large fences, so she will need a garden with tall fences to prevent breakouts (Photo: Pet Set Go Photography)

Epiphany doesn’t walk on a leash yet, but the shelter says she can do it soon enough.

The shelter wrote on Facebook: “How has Epiphany been with us for 133 days and still no viewing?

“Not only is Epiphany absolutely gorgeous, she has a larger-than-life personality and is a real bundle of fun!

Can we help him find a home by Christmas? (Photo: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

“She is a 4 year old small / medium cross breed who loves to run around and play with toys, she also likes to make a fuss once she gets to know you.

“She enjoys the company of other dogs and could live with a male dog and children 15 and over.

“Let’s share this far and wide to help change his bad luck!” ”

If you want to give Epiphany the loving home she deserves, you can get in touch with the shelter via their website.

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