An Israeli bride reveals she planned a twerk flashmob for her wedding and fulfilled her lifelong dream of going viral.

The videos have received over 10 million views.Nicole Wolitzky via TikTok

  • The TikTok of a bride who revealed she staged a flash mob at her wedding has garnered 10 million views.

  • The twerk instructor said she wants her wedding to be centered around dancing and fun.

  • She said it helped make the day special after 50 guests canceled the event due to the shooting the night before.

An Israeli bride went viral on TikTok with a video in which she showed herself performing in a surprise group dance that she said shocked her guests and husband at her wedding reception.

Nicole Wolitzky is a dance instructor based in Kfar Yona, Israel, who specializes in twerking, a dance move characterized by pushing the hips and buttocks. As previously reported by InsiderTwerk originated in the early 1990s in the New Orleans music scene.

On April 14 and 17, she published two video featuring her and a group of nine other women doing a surprise dance to a pop remix of songs by Beyoncé and Sean Paul. She told Insider that the dance was part of her wedding, which took place outside of Jerusalem.

Wolicki and other dancers twerk in triangular formation in videos that have now amassed more than 10 million views in total.

The second video to reach 9.9 million views is Volichka’s most viewed video to date – the dancer, who first uploaded TikTok in March 2020, previously posted dance call videos, each of which has received thousands of views.

Woliki told Insider that within two weeks of her wedding videos going viral, her TikTok followers jumped from 3,000 to 22,000.

She said her husband and guests had no idea she was going to dance and told Insider she wanted to act as a “gift to everyone” in attendance. After she put on a dance with a friend, she said she found a group of women from Support Group Maccabi Tel Avivwith which she used to be sick in order to perform a two-minute routine with her.

While Wolicki said her husband and family enjoyed the flash mob, she told Insider, “I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so it wasn’t the best performance we could have put on for me,” but added, “I really enjoy the performances and the adrenaline that they give me, so my mood has improved a lot.”

Voliki told Insider she wasn’t in the best mood before starring in the performance because she learned that 50 guests, including three bridesmaids, were no longer attending the ceremony after shooting the night before in Tel Aviv, two people died and several were injured.

Wolicki Kissing Her HusbandWolicki Kissing Her Husband

Wolitzky and her husband Chen Weishenker.Nicole Wolitzky

“I cried at the beginning of the wedding because I thought if my three bridesmaids didn’t show up, then who would?” she said.

She told Insider that there were still about 220 guests at her wedding, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their day. “The energy at the wedding was really good and my husband and I just kept dancing to keep people in a good mood,” she said.

Nicole Standing In Front Of Her HusbandNicole Standing In Front Of Her Husband

Volitsky got married on April 8, 2022.Nicole Wolitzky

Wolicki, who comes from a Jewish family, said she doesn’t want a rabbi to officiate the religious ceremony, but instead would like the wedding to be “a big party with people dancing to hip-hop music.” She said she didn’t even rent chairs for the reception, hoping it would encourage more people to stay on the dance floor.

Overall, Wolicki told Insider that the TikTok virus experience has been like a “dream come true” that makes last night’s unfortunate events seem more bearable.

“I put so much effort into every dance video I make and have been trying to go viral on social media for years. When this video went viral, it was the icing on the cake on my wedding day,” she said.

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