America First think tank’s Washington conference lays out 2024 policy platform for GOP

Conservatives gathered in Washington on Monday to advance a Trump-inspired platform for the 2024 GOP presidential nominee that emphasized law and order, economic prosperity and border security.

The America First Policy Institute, founded by former senior Trump administration officials, kicked off the two-day confab with prominent figures from the conservative movement, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Former President Trump is scheduled to deliver remarks at the summit on Tuesday.

Mr. Gingrich told OlxPraca that AFPI’s policies could apply to “the next Republican administration,” whether it’s led by Mr. Trump or someone else.

“Trump is the most likely, but I think DeSantis could use those people. Mike Pence could use those people.

Still, the platform reflects much of the Trump administration’s agenda, such as tougher border policies, including completion of a border wall, support for aggressive policing and criminal prosecution, and economic policies that undermine American trade and energy independence. Promotes

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said the gathering of conservative leaders was as much about politics as politics.

“I have a lot of faith in the American people. I believe they are smart enough to tell which policies literally work for them and which don’t,” he told the Times. “And if President Trump decides to run, I’m sure many of these policies will be part of his platform and blueprint. And if he decides not to run, the other Republican candidates — also America First — will run.

Mrs. Conway was a featured speaker at the summit. She also serves as chair of AFPI’s Center for the American Child.

The lineup of speakers also included former Small Business Administration Chief Linda McMahon and former Energy Sec. Rick Perry was also at the summit with Republican Sens. Rick Scott of Florida, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Bill Hagerty of Tennessee and GOP Reps. Richard Hudson of North Carolina and Mike Johnson of Louisiana.

AFPI, led by the organization’s president and CEO Brooke Rollins, discussed with Ms. McMahon and Larry Kudlow, both senior members of the organization’s board, “America First” after President Trump’s re-election loss. How will the movement’s future move forward? 2020

“We agreed that the main focus of AFPI is to promote policies that advance the causes and interests of the American people and put them first. And that’s what we’re going to do and everything.” We do. And that’s what the previous administration did,” Ms. McMahon said.

For the next Republican administration, AFPI wants to reinstate Mr. Trump’s plan, known as “Schedule F,” an executive action considered at the end of Mr. Trump’s term that would have killed tens of thousands of civil servants. would have been able to eliminate service jobs.

Critics call “Schedule F” an affront to union rights of civil service employees and civil servants. Supporters of the plan say it is needed to shrink a bloated and sometimes unwieldy federal bureaucracy.

The policy was developed by former Trump administration official James Sherk, who now serves as director of AFPI’s Center for American Freedom.

Fred Flatz, a veteran CIA intelligence official who now serves as AFPI’s vice chair for the Center for American Security, said the policy would not affect every government employee. .

“The director of the CIA can fire anyone for no reason. But outside the CIA, where there are civil service protections, people are always in government, and they’re not accountable,” he said. “These people are on government pay, and in our opinion, they have to be productive. They have to be honest.”

He added: “They have to promote the administration’s policies in office, and this will be a way of trying to get it right.”

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