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Ambulances are missing. Voldemort Kraska: The extra money will go to all ambulance stations. - - Job Offer Ads
October 23, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Ambulances are missing. Voldemort Kraska: The extra money will go to all ambulance stations.

Corona virus in Poland Voldemort Kraska: We have more than 400 new cases of infection.

At Monday’s press conference, the deputy minister recalled that on September 21, the Protestant Committee of Medical Rescue, the Association of Medical Rescue Employers SPZOs and the Ministry of Health agreed on key issues.

– The agreement was signed by the Ministry, a committee of 20 different trade unions and more than 5,000 people. Members, but also employers, who are responsible for the work of rescue teams – he stressed.

He emphasized that under the agreement, the health minister had taken the initiative to increase the budget for EMS works by October to finance the travel allowance.

Employers have been paying since October 1 this year. ZRM members opt out of 30%. Basic pay for employees under the employment contract, or hourly rate – in the case of civil law contracts. Employers also vowed not to pay employees working under civil law contracts less than PLN 40 per hour. The indicated rate, as indicated, does not include travel allowance.

– In most parts of the country, the directors of ambulance stations have contracts with rescuers. He reminded that there are 1595 medical rescue teams in the country.

However, he said there were many places in the country where ambulances did not leave. Kraska said there was only one reason to talk to rescuers working in the capital today.

– There is no dialogue in Warsaw. But we have signals from two other voivodeships: Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Wielkopolskie; He added that there was no communication between the directors and the rescue.

A Warsaw “Meditrans” rescue representative said the director did not appear in person to interview rescuers because he was on vacation. – Director sent. The technical officer who made an offer that contradicted the terms of the agreement – he said.

– In our opinion, this is an attempt to escalate the controversy, the example of which is before us today, where about half the teams do not leave in the capital Warsaw. At the same time, he said, the rescuers were still ready to negotiate a solution to the conflict. “We want to get back to work,” he noted.

According to Kraska, rescuers are urging Marshall Adam Strozk of Masovin Viewdishop to recall him from the function. The director of the provincial ambulance and sanitary transport station “Mediterranean” SP ZOZ in Warsaw is a “process of frustration”. Over the weekend, some “Mediterranean” ambulances did not go to the capital as part of the protest.

On Monday, rescuers made an appeal to Prime Minister Matteo Morawiki, who, as the deputy minister said, asked him to introduce a receiver at an ambulance station in Warsaw, Kraska said.

– This is another proof of how frustrating the paramedics in Warsaw are. They want to work, they want to help those in need, but there is no such dialogue with the directors – Kraska reviewed.

The deputy head of the health ministry also cited a letter published Monday by Carol Belsky, director of the provincial emergency ambulance and sanitary transport station “Mediterranean” SPZOZ in Warsaw. Bielski reports that – contrary to the MZ press spokesperson’s announcement – Meditrans did not receive any funding to implement the agreement between the Ministry of Health and Paramedics on September 21 this year. “Furthermore, we have not received any announcements about the amount of these funds. Despite the speeches, there is a deadline for their transfer from both the National Health Fund and MUW.”

In response to the letter, Kraska assured that “the Ministry of Finance has transferred appropriate funds to Woodwood, Woodwood transfers them to individual stations, the money is there”.

He reminded that the ministry had already announced an increase in the so-called assessment. Ambulance, and under the contract, he also did the extra work of transferring funds to the so-called. Travel Allowance “We will guarantee these funds, we will provide this amount” – he assured.

“The first installment – which we talked about in Corpus – has already hit (on account) the increase in ambulances, so we’re talking about a 30% increase here,” he said. It’s like extra money, which goes to Polish Rescue Medical, “said Kraska.

Kraska reminded that the agreement with the rescuers assumes that the salaries of the rescuers will increase from October 1, the so-called travel allowance – this agreement has been made. “A resolution was passed in the Council of Ministers that we are increasing the budget for emergency medical services by that amount,” he said.

During the Paris Conference, Piotr Oksarski, spokesman for the SPZOZ, the provincial ambulance and sanitary transport station “Mediterranean” in Warsaw, said that on the first day of the dismissal protest, only 50 of the 1,500 people working there applied at the provincial Mediterranean station. . “A few hours after they were reunited, some workers took them back, and more are being taken back today,” he said.

He also referred to the number of missing ambulances. – Today, of the 80 teams that are on duty in Warsaw and the operating area, including the neighboring commune, 20 rescue teams did not leave, which means that 60 teams are on full alert. – Therefore, all patients can feel safe, the ambulance will reach them in the time provided by the legislator – he stressed.

He also said that the information given by the spokesperson of the Minister of Health in the morning about the fact that the Mediterranean account to fulfill the obligation as a result of the agreement reached between the defenders, the Ministry of Health and the employers. There is money for. – With such money. 15.10 is over – he said. As he added, there is no supplement, agreement, or way to calculate these funds. – So, apart from the announcement, which is in writing, there is nothing – he explained.

Oksarsky also calculated how much money is needed to meet the demands that rescuers have negotiated with the health ministry and employers. – They show that we need 4.5 million PLN per month to start paying. He stressed that as soon as the money reaches the account, the payment will start as a result of this agreement. He also showed the journalists a letter to the Minister and Deputy Health Minister regarding the money and requested for the procedure on the basis of which the funds are to be disbursed.

The spokesperson also informed about the rates of the station. According to information provided by Oksarski, the driver’s rescuer is to receive PLN 58.50, and the rate for each paramedic will exceed PLN 40. “As the agreement says,” he recalled.