Tua Tagovailoa’s T-shirt after a Miami Dolphins practice one day this week read: “I wish it was warmer.”

First-year head coach Mike McDaniel often uses the phrase to remind his team that they have to adapt to Florida’s hot, humid conditions — and that their opponents can’t.

But it doesn’t get any hotter than Tagovailoa’s left wing entering Sunday’s unbeaten AFC East battle with the Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills.

“Individual success is only within the team’s success,” Shaista Hawaii said at his weekly press conference.

The lefty QB leads the NFL with 739 passing yards through two weeks. And he is tied for the most TD passes with seven. Much of that came courtesy of a 469-yard, six-touchdown burst in last week’s 42-38 road comeback win over the Baltimore Ravens.

His 48-yard and 60-yard TD passes to Tyreke Hill in the fourth quarter shattered Tagovailoa’s stereotype as a checkdown king.

“I think what Mike does with our offense is he complements everybody’s abilities, everybody’s ability within the offense,” Tagovailoa said. For example, if I am good with RPOs. [run-pass options], he will find some way to implement it. If someone is good at running a certain route, we’ll find a few different ways to get him the ball that route. Things like

Desperation contributed to the Dolphins’ offensive explosion. They trailed 35-14 entering the fourth quarter and had no choice but to take it down the field.

Receivers Hill and Jalen Waddle are also catching fire. McDaniel’s Dolphins offense has begun to rebuild Tagovailoa’s skill set from his Alabama days.

And the Baltimore Ravens’ defense allowed those speedsters inconspicuous downfields to exploit.

“It’s a different kind of speed,” one NFL defensive back told Hill’s News this week, a longtime Kansas City Chiefs terror.

Miami’s early offensive attack is important for two reasons. First, ownership chose GM Chris Grier and Tagore over firing former coach Brian Flores. So everything is working out on this QB.

More immediately, however, the Dolphins suddenly have a golden opportunity to assert themselves atop the AFC East if they take down Josh Allen’s visiting Bulls at Hard Rock Stadium.

Buffalo just lost starting safety Micah Hyde for the season with a neck injury. They will also be without starting corner Dan Jackson and D-lineman Ed Oliver on Sunday.

That said, Miami has lost an unimaginable seven straight games against the Bulls since a 21-17 win on Dec. 2, 2018. This is the only time they have beaten Allen in his rookie year.

And the Dolphins refuse to get ahead of themselves this week, knowing the Bills have outscored the LA Rams and Titans 72-17 in two weeks with just three punts.

“You look at their opening game, they beat last year’s Super Bowl champions, and they didn’t just beat them; it was a lot,” Tagovailoa said. “The next team they played, a really good team, they beat them a lot.”

Along with Tagovailoa, many of Allen’s numbers are as good or better: he has 75.4 percent to Tagovailoa’s 71.1; Dolphins QB’s 116.5 to 123.7 quarterback rating; and identical TD-to-interception ratio (7-2) and yards per completion (8.9 yards).

“He’s consistently become one of the best players in the National Football League,” McDaniel said of Allen. “You could easily argue that he’s the best … you’d never, I don’t think, necessarily, see him stop. It’s about minimizing and keeping.

“For us, we just want to play the way we play and the way we’ve played the last two weeks. They’re going to give us our best and we’re going to get them. And it’s not because He’s a godsend. That’s because he’s incredibly talented, but that’s because you can tell he works on his craft. On Buffalo.

High praise. But now the Dolphins have firepower of their own, making Sunday’s game of the week in the NFL at 1 p.m.

Jerry’s ‘Rush’ to Conclusions

The increasingly off-the-rails Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has invited a quarterback controversy on his own roster this week amid backup Cooper Rush, starting Monday night against the Giants at MetLife Stadium, and injuries. Starter Dak Prescott.

“Wouldn’t it be something if you were in a dilemma as to which way to go?” Jones told reporters in Dallas. “If he wins 10, you do. Same thing that happened with Prescott. [in 2016]. I think so. Of course I will. [want that]. If he comes in and plays as well as Prescott, Rush — played so well these next few games — I’ll go to New York to get him.

Rush, a former Giant, said he and Prescott “got a good laugh” from Jones’ wild comments.

“I certainly don’t dream as big as Jerry. I just want to keep winning,” Rush said. “I think he just wants to win games and that’s what we all want to do.”

Head coach Mike McCarthy, who must feel like he’s playing whack-a-mole with the unnecessary drama coaching Jones’ team, told 105.3 The Fan: “Doc is our quarterback, and we want Cooper. More and more have been successful. I think it stops there.”

Glad it’s settled – at least until Jones speaks next week.

Around the league

Sunday’s game between the Las Vegas Raiders (0-2) and Tennessee Titans (0-2) in Nashville will be a disappointing battle between two teams with high expectations on the brink of collapse in 2022. For the season, so Raider pass rusher Chandler Jones needs to have a big day. Josh McDaniels’ Raiders are the only 0-2 team in the AFC West. They have to get there immediately after a gut-punch loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2. The Titans, last year’s AFC No. 1 seed, could be the league’s most disappointing team this season if their streak continues.

There is also a lot of early pressure on first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett of the Denver Broncos, who will host Jimmy Garoppolo’s San Francisco 49ers (1-1) on Sunday Night Football’s national stage this week. Hackett’s game management was so poor in a narrow Week 2 win over the Houston Texans that the Broncos’ home crowd was counting down the play clock while Denver was on offense to avoid further delay of game penalties or misconducts.

Hackett is a well-liked players’ coach, but his season has had the kind of rocky start that could signal a one-and-done if not straightforward. Denver (1-1) could also get some help from elite QB Russell Wilson.

Carson Wentz’s Washington Commanders (1-1) host his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles (2-0), in a division battle that drips with intrigue and will have major implications for the early NFC East standings.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ signing of slot receiver Cole Beasley was smart, especially given top wide receiver Mike Evans’ one-game suspension last week for taking down Saints corner Marshawn Lattimore.

Beasley is going to help Tom Brady in a big way as the Bucs (2-0) host the Green Bay Packers (1-1) … After two weeks, six undefeated teams remain: the Bulls, Dolphins, Eagles, Bucks, Kansas City Chiefs and Giants – just as everyone expected.

They said

“I think at this point if I went to take a leak during practice, I’d end up on the report.” – Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey listed as frequently injured on his ‘ankle stiffness’ on Week 3 injury report