Aldi has it. announced a major expansion across all its UK stores with the aim of Helping customers Recycle with more ease.

Supermarket will roll out recycling bins for soft plastics in its stores, helping customers recycle tonnes of problematic materials a year.


A trial last year showed great success, leading to an extension that will allow consumers to return all types of clear, soft plastic packaging – including crisp packets, salad bags, bread bags and carrier bags – Regardless of where the items were purchased.

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Aldi launches new recycling bins

Supermarket It expects to collect up to 1,000 tonnes of plastic a year once the bins are fully installed in more than 800 stores across the country.


The bins will be fully installed by the end of this year.

Most local authorities in the UK do not currently collect soft plastics, so these collection points will make it easier for consumers to recycle their waste.


Richard Gorman, director of plastics and packaging at Aldi UK, said: “We’re always looking to reduce plastic waste wherever possible, and we know how important it is to our customers. This rollout is a step in the right direction. is a step forward and provides our customers with an easy option to recycle their problematic soft plastic packaging in the UK.

“We hope customers will help us make a positive difference by recycling more waste using our collection bins.”


Helen Bird, Head of Business Collaboration, WRAP, said: “A fifth of the plastic packaging we all have at home is plastic bags and wrapping. There are opportunities to reduce this, but where plastic is used There is a need to simplify packaging design and recycling systems. In future years, this packaging will be collected directly from people’s homes and workplaces, but to deal with the growing mountain of waste. An urgent solution is needed today.”

“Many citizens have shown they are willing to take plastic bags and wrapping to their local food stores for recycling, and Aldi’s move means more people across the UK can do so. We’ve seen trials and regional rollouts of similar schemes by other supermarkets working towards the UK Plastic Packet target of recycling all plastic packaging by 2025. All in all, this move by Aldi is a great success and one that we fully support.

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