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Alan Rick almost skipped his audition for HBO successor - - Job Offer Ads
October 22, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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Alan Rick almost skipped his audition for HBO successor

Alan Rick almost quit his audition for “successor”.

“I was home in LA and I was trying to get back to work in Chicago,” he told The Post. Can’t go to audition. And then finally, I came out of the music class with my 2 year old son, and there were half a dozen voice miles. And they said, ‘Just go [“Succession” producer] Adam Mackay’s house before leaving town. And I did. “

If he hadn’t, Rick would have lost something dirty, close to Shakespeare. HBO series. That Returning to its third season On Sunday, October 17, he said he had finished his correctional scenes, and he worked – when he returned to Chicago, a call came in telling him he would grab that part.

Rick plays Connor Roy, his eldest son. Media Magnet Logan Roy (Brian Cox) Who viciously toys with his three young children and wishes to please his father and is appointed the successor of a vast global company. Although Logan doesn’t seem to mind bothering to call his kids “f -k off,” he’s kind of kind – or at least kind – to Connor.

The “Spin City” star came up with the idea because Connor – who announced his plans to become president last season – never showed any interest in running the family business, Wester Roko.

Jeremy Strong and Alan Rickin. "Succession."
Rick Logan is the eldest of Roy’s children.

Rick said of his character, “I’m not trying to upset him.” And when it comes to pushing, it seems, I always come to Dad. “

Rick also believes that Logan feels guilty for divorcing Connor’s mother when she was eight. “We have the clues. [in the show] That my mother had psychological and emotional problems; so I think Logan feels very guilty about Connor, that he left her.

It’s not that the next season of the critically acclaimed series will be softer than the last two.

Michael J. Fox and Alan Rick Inn. "Spin City"
Rick also worked with Michael J. Fox in “Spin City.”
© ABC / Courtesy Everett Collecto.

“Overall, we are as dirty and self-involved as any of us was,” he said happily. “So I think if the audience is hungry for it, they won’t be disappointed.”

“And I have more to do this season,” he continued. “In the second season, I had a lot but I didn’t have that much … I can only say that Connor still has political ambitions.”

Rick made his screen debut in 1983 with Sean Penn in “Bad Boys.” But for many generations of viewers, he was probably known as Cameron Fry, the ferrous boiler’s hypochondriac best friend. “Ferris Boiler Day Off,” in 1986 Which he filmed at the age of 29.

Mia Sarah, Matthew Broderick, Alan Rick.
At 29, Rick played a teenager in “Ferris Boiler Day Off.”
Paramount / Courtesy of Everett Colonel

He admits he didn’t think much of the classic when he first saw it.

“I remember going to the cut screening to some extent. [co-stars] Jennifer Gray and Mia Sarah and Jeffrey Jones. “We were all upset because we thought it was a piece of ST.”

Of course, now he is incredibly grateful to be involved in a movie that is so cute, and says that his career seems to be in turmoil.

He said, “It happens about 10 times every 10 years. Someone comes down from the top shelf and says, ‘Alan, why don’t you come with us for a while?’ “And so the ‘succession’ continues my good fortune.”