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After watching the viral video of the disaster, Tylers decided to make the woman's bathroom free again. - - Job Offer Ads
October 25, 2021 – Job Offer Ads

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After watching the viral video of the disaster, Tylers decided to make the woman’s bathroom free again.

Tiler working on bathroom

Amber Truck went viral in September when it shared footage of its bathroom demolition over its contractors’ pay dispute. Now, local contractors have stepped in and are rebuilding.

Truck reportedly paid a $ 7,555 bill of $ 3,330 from Colorado’s Dream Home Remodels, but said she wanted to have a thorough inspection of the work before assigning the rest, leaving herself unhappy with the results so far. Found

As shown in the now-viral video, Terry Gregory and Jordan Kaisers, believing their payments are being withheld, came into the house and smashed the bathroom with a hammer.

A month later, local contractors stepped in to fix the bathroom, completely free for the truck, as reported by KRDO.

Jason McDaniel, a tile installer from Portland, Oregon, has decided to partner with local Colorado contractors Jeremy Johnson, Matt Coppo and Steve Sales to get the job done.

“This was a great opportunity to do something amazing with other amazing local tile contractors,” McDaniels told KRDO.

“I thought someone in Colorado Springs would call me and say, ‘Hey, you know I can do this at a discount because you’ve already paid some money. Let’s do something,'” Turkey said. “I never thought I’d blow up my phone and people across the country are offering to stop what they’re doing in their daily lives and fix my bathroom.”

The team of contractors plans to use donated materials and labor to rebuild the bathroom for the truck.

“I’m getting messages from Ireland, Norway, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Poland,” Truck told KRDO.

“I just thought it was unbelievable that these strangers I didn’t know wanted to get together to fix it. Without asking them, I haven’t talked to them yet. And they were already figuring out how to fix my shower. “

McDaniels’ offer to replace the bathroom made the original contractor’s prediction in the viral video controversial, claiming: “No contractor in the state of Colorado will fix it when they find out that I He took it back because he refused to pay me. “

After the video went international, Kaisers denied the version of the Troke incident and sent the following statement to KRDO: “After several weeks of work for a client, communication broke down at the end of a project. No resentment. Not disclosed, and we ask for payment on the project by the end of next day. After that the communication was further broken and as a result our company regained the tile shower. I included a number of other projects he was unwilling to pay for, including a vanity, mirror, light fixtures, 2 ceiling fans, plumbing work, fixing rotten framing in its walls, and exterior door replacement.

However, the truck insisted that it had paid for the work.

Newsweek Has contacted Amber Truck for comment.

Tyler is working on the bathroom.
Tiling stock photo. Amber Truck went viral after she shared footage of her bathroom being destroyed over a dispute over her contractor’s salary.
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